Final Fantasy XI on Xbox360 at Leipzig

Square Enix chooses the Leipzig Games Convention for the European Debut of the Xbox360 version of Final Fantasy XI.

Posted by Staff
Final Fantasy XI on Xbox360 at Leipzig
Square Enix Ltd. announced today that their upcoming Xbox360 version of their hugely successful multi-platform MMORPG will be on show to the attendees of the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, which runs from August 17-21. Presentations will take place at both Square Enix?s own stand, situated within the NGL Gaming Arena, and at Microsoft?s Xbox stand. European gamers will get their first look at the next generation gateway to the world of Vana?diel where 500,000 other players from across the globe already adventure.

At the Square Enix stand, there?ll be Final Fantasy XI characters created specifically for the show, and gamers will be able to explore some of the fantastic areas within the game. There?ll also be special Leipzig giveaways including a specially produced CD-ROM containing a brand new Final Fantasy trailer and a link page to download a free trial version of the title.

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