SquareSoft speaks out on Nintendo development: Official statement inside!

SquareSoft Japan has made the following statement relating to development progress for Nintendo platforms.

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Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XI
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?In regard to some of the reports made by the media today:

In some of the coverage by the media today, there have been reports that "Our company will return to providing games for Nintendo Co. Ltd." and "One of our company's producer (sic) will establish a company". While we are currently in the stage of preparing for publicity, we will release some supplementary explanation.

Our company is currently in preparation to release game software for Nintendo Co. Ltd's Game Boy Advance through a game planning and development company (Corporate name: Game Designers Studio Inc.(tentative), Capital: 10 million yen.

Capital composition: Akitoshi Kawazu 51%, Square 49%, Company Representative: Akitoshi Kawazu (concurrently with post as Square Executive).

In addition, our game planning and development company is going through adjustment to receive an investment fund in its development of a new type of game. The investment fund ?Fund Q? was established by Hiroshi Yamauchi's private fortune (Nintendo Co. Ltd President) to support venture businesses.

These issues will not influence our business productivity for the present term. We are currently planning our business management for the next term and onwards such as Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XII, with Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 2 as our main platform?.

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