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Nintendo of America President Claims Wii U Beating Xbox One News

Wii U Getting More Content Options

16 Jun 2014

Nintendo Reggie Not Swayed by Mob News

Petitions don't have an effect on Nintendo's gaming strategy

05 Dec 2013

Nintendo: Beat the Pre-Owned Problem by Making Better Games News

NoA president says Nintendo has low software trade-in rate.

14 Jun 2013

Reggie Fils-Aime Intros Nintendo's 2013 E3 News

Early start from Reggie to E3

07 Jun 2013

Nintendo's Reggie: 3DS Sales Kicking Ass News

Reginald Fils-Aime bigs up big figures - skips over Wii U sales sloth

19 Apr 2013

Nintendo: Call of Duty Looks Better on Wii U News

Reggie speaks again.

26 Nov 2012

Nintendo: Wii U is Profitable if Bought With One Game News

The "business model doesn't change dramatically."

21 Nov 2012

Nintendo Wii Not Dead says Reggie News

Nintendo won't stop selling the original unit

14 Sep 2012

Reggie Fils-Aime Laments 'Insatiable' Gamers News

Can't tell the difference between a hit and a 'ho hum' title.

25 Jun 2012

Nintendo's Fils-Aime Explains No 3DS Sellouts News

It's the time of the year

15 Apr 2011

Nintendo: Garage Developers - We Don't Want Them News

Yeah, who needs 'em!

18 Mar 2011

Nintendo Running Scared of Risk and Price News

Apparently commerce is risky

07 Feb 2011

Reggie: No New Wii Until We Hit 45million News

Nintendo comfortable

15 Nov 2010

Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confusion News

Reggie made a blooper

28 Jun 2010

It's Official: Wii To Get Netflix This Spring News

Wii owners will need a special disc like the PS3 service, though.

13 Jan 2010

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Hard to Beat Last Year News

But things are going well

24 Dec 2009

Nintendo Confident About Xmas News

Reggie speaks freely

11 Dec 2009

Nintendo on Wii HD: Only Pachter Believes It News

There isn't one.

06 Nov 2009

Nintendo: PSP Go has a Fundamental Concept Problem News

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime lands a blow on Sony's latest handheld.

12 Oct 2009

Nintendo: 150 Million New People will Commit to Gaming News

Nintendo America still all about the fence-sitters.

06 Oct 2009

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: A Little Tough for DSi Only Developers News

Economics not hitting Ninty consumers either.

17 Sep 2009

Nintendo: We Will Have to Move on Before Natal Hits News

Vitality Sensor to be a sleeper hit

10 Jul 2009

Nintendo: Natal and PS3 Wand are Technology not Fun News

Natal and Sony wand: dismissed!

08 Jun 2009

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Nintendo Growth Dramatic News

Take our growth away, the industry suffers

02 Mar 2009

Nintendo: Third-Party Publishers Don't Get Wii News

It's so misunderstood...

18 Nov 2008

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: More Game Changers News

Boxed games still with us as user-created content changes games

14 Nov 2008

Nintendo: Downloads Won't Replace Retail News

Plus: what Reggie Fils-Aime thinks to Microsoft's price cuts

07 Oct 2008

No DSi in US 'til "Well into 2009" News

Plus: Club Nintendo heading to US

03 Oct 2008

Nintendo: Wiis Barely Touch Shop Shelves News

Reggie Fils-Aime discusses Wii shortages

24 Apr 2008

Nintendo Living in the Moment? News

Reggie in modesty shocker

17 Mar 2008

Europe's Smash Brothers Brawl Release Still Unclear News

1up retracts Autumn date announcement

26 Feb 2008

Nintendo: Wii Will Rock Xbox 360 in US by June News

Nintendo president says Wii sales to surpass those of Xbox 360 soon

22 Feb 2008

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Mario Galaxy's Long Life News

Plus a little gentle threat to retail

18 Dec 2007

Nintendo: Wii Shortage Is Missed Opportunity News

Or is it? Conspiracies and more inside...

29 Nov 2007

E3: Nintendo Conference Round-Up News

Miyamoto unveils Wii Fit... and new controller comes too.

11 Jul 2007

New Wii Manufacturing For Nintendo News

And find out what gives Reggie nightmares.

05 Mar 2007

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Gagged Due To Share Deal News

Stock no comment at GDC

05 Mar 2007

Nintendo of America - Shootings in PS3 Queues Apparently Amusing News

Reggie goes a bit 'Perrin'...

26 Feb 2007

Reggie Fils-Aime – Taking Gaming From ‘A Class to the Mass’ News

Fighting talk from the Nintendo bossman at Montreal Game Summit

10 Nov 2006

Fils-Aime Pledges no More Wii Secrets News

11th hour surprises ruled out. Commits to global ship numbers

09 Nov 2006

Reggie to Dish Up Wii in NYC News

Launch gold for Photoshop owners everywhere...

28 Sep 2006

Business Week Analyses Wii Strategy - 40 Million to Ship News

By 2011. Compared with 71 million PS3's, mind.

21 Sep 2006

Two Million Cheats Blighting Nintendo Wi-Fi! News

We jest! DS online milestone reached.

29 Aug 2006

Nintendo’s Fils-Aime Confirms Wii’s Online Service is Free News

Plus, Tokyo Analysts foresee a £90 price-point for console!

16 Aug 2006

Miyamoto - wasn’t too sure about Wii News

Plus, hints at face-mapping functionality

24 May 2006

Revolution Developers Interested in Gameplay Not Power News

First detailed hands-on revealed

10 Mar 2006

Zelda: Twilight Princess – late 2006 on GameCube News

Reggie confirms release of long awaited new Zelda

20 Feb 2006

Nintendo Announces New DS Colours and Features News

Turn your DS into a free mobile phone.

10 Feb 2006

Reggie confirms Iwata to drag out Revolution dripfeed at GDC News

Increasingly boring cryptic show-and-tell game refuses to die

08 Feb 2006

Nintendo Announce Brain Age Release Date News

Electronic Sudoku craze kicks off this Easter.

31 Jan 2006

No DS Re-design This Week News

But DS translation tool announced.

16 Jan 2006

Electroplankton releases in US today News

But wannabe-electrocomposers in the UK must wait

09 Jan 2006

DS Kiddy-Crack Wonder Toy Rules Xmas News

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime talks turkey.

05 Jan 2006

Revolution Demos Play-tested – Full Report News

It begins, inside...

09 Dec 2005

Reggie: 'Nintendo Revolution controller shown to key third-parties' News

Share the innovation! Reggie Corporate inside.

27 Jun 2005

Nintendo demonstrates massive US sales power News

Huge sales Stateside – Money pit swelled

01 Dec 2004

Nintendo backs away from portable media convergence News

No iPod-a-like functionality planned

09 Nov 2004

Nintendo DS to target "full spectrum of hipsters" News

"Touching is good" campaign outlined

25 Oct 2004

Nintendo talks DS connectivity - "Possible and capable" News

DS to play part in Revolution?

08 Oct 2004

Nintendo slams PSP in amazing two hour battery claim! News

Big guns blaze as portable launch mayhem flares

07 Oct 2004

Full DS launch details confirmed News

Nintendo "[feels good] about the number of titles"

07 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS teleconference reveals confident outlook in North America News

$40 million marketing budget for 4 million shipping target

23 Sep 2004

'Xbox sales doubled' Claims Microsoft News

US price hack sees sales surge.

08 Apr 2004

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