Full DS launch details confirmed

Nintendo "[feels good] about the number of titles"

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As our roving SPOnG reporter is absorbing the DS based excitement currently consuming the specialist games press over in Seattle, Nintendo has revealed the full state of the DS launch plans. As the uniquely charismatic Reggie Fils-Aime summed it up opposite USA Today, “We're feeling quite good about the number of titles and, in particular, what the key titles are and what they represent,”. The US launch, still scheduled for November 21st, and the Japanese launch, following on 12th December, will be backed up by 5 first-party titles, as well-as the built in Pictochat software and Metroid Prime Hunters demo.

Nintendo consoles do rely heavily on first-party games, with all the popular characters they bring with them, and the DS will be no exception. Super Mario 64 DS will obviously be one of the biggest early DS games, and Pokemon Dash and Touch! Made In Wario will also help shift units in the early days. There’s also Nintendo’s first DS puzzle game, Chokkan Hitotude, and also an intriguing stylus controlled bemani-type affair: Big Concert! Band Brothers.

Of course, third party titles will also be important, and of the 120 odd games currently in development around the world, about 6 or 7 are expected to launch alongside the machine itself, with possible differences between the Japanese and US selections. Electronic Arts has promised The Sims: The Urbz, with Madden and Tiger Woods not far behind. Sega has the sensationally peculiar Feel The Magic (formerly known as Project Rub) and Spike has the equally unusual Tendo Dokuta, not forgetting Success' charming-looking Zoo Keeper. As revealed earlier in the week, Activision's Spiderman 2 will also be on the inital roster. And Koei also have a Mahjong game – just in case you care.

Other titles lined up for an early launch, possibly on November 21st, are Namco's Mr. Driller and Ridge Racer DS, THQ's Ping Pals, and Ubisoft's Rayman DS and Asphalt GT.

It does seem to be a reasonably strong line-up, and it’s certainly a break from the norm. This bodes well for the DS, if Nintendo and other DS developers can keep up the innovation, then 2005 should be a good year for eyebrow-raising developments. By the end of Q1, there should be around 25 games available – retailing at around the $29.99 mark.

SPOnG will bring you the full lowdown on the DS launch and software once the conference has concluded.


Kaxxx 7 Oct 2004 10:50
The price of the software is welcomed news as well as the strong development behind the handheld. Bar, Mario 64 there is nothing really im interested TBH though.
Tiger Woos looks very poor compared with the PSP version although the touch screen swing should be good. As for the rest of the software shown its all looking very SP to me.
fluffstardx 7 Oct 2004 11:39
Of course it looks poor compared to the PSP one; doesn't most N64/PS1 stuff look crap compared to a PS2?

This is good news. VERY good news. It shows Nintendo are willing to make a success of this, and i can't wait to see what the GBA2 will do...
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Smelly 7 Oct 2004 12:26
They may not look as good as the psp.. but hows the battery life?

Ditto 7 Oct 2004 12:36
I'm looking forward to a bit of innovation, very little has happened on the past couple of console generations.
Brown Force 7 Oct 2004 12:38
Brilliant news. MArio 64 and Worio Ware games will be a certainty for me. Personally I'm not too interested in games that are already out for other consoles (ie Tiger Woods and the like) for me I'm getting a DS mainly to try something different and will most likely be keeping my eyes open for new and original games.

As always...Go Nintendo!
almondVanHelsing 7 Oct 2004 18:02
With 5 first party and 6-7 third party makes 12 games on launch? Is this good for a hand-held? I didn't notice how many games launched with GBA on day 1.

Should there not be more games since hand-held games take much less time to write than full console games?

How many launch titles has PS1/2, DC, XBox, GC, GBA??

I thought there were 100 games in development for the DS, surely more than 12 can be ready for the launch?
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