Yu Suzuki

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Suzuki to Kickstart Shenmue III News

That's the intention now that SEGA has lost rights to the IP

21 Mar 2014

Yu Suzuki: We Can Obtain Shenmue License from SEGA News

Still intent on making a third game in epic series.

04 Jan 2012

Yu Suzuki Calls Time on Shenmue World News

Mobile phone spinoff now rests with the Hall of Constant Shenmue 3 Calls.

03 Jan 2012

Yu Suzuki Wants Shenmue Town on iPhone, Android News

But where's Shenmue Thr-- *killed*

01 Mar 2011

Suzuki Says Shenmue 3 Concept Still Exists News

Teases the fans ever more

09 Dec 2010

Yu Suzuki Talks Miyamoto Differences News

Says it comes down to family labels

08 Dec 2010

Yu Suzuki Hopes to Complete Shenmue Series News

Shenmue City could open dojo doors.

16 Nov 2010

Yu Suzuki Still at SEGA Nibble

06 Apr 2009

Yu Suzuki is STILL at SEGA News

The reports of his departure are greatly exaggerated

13 Aug 2008

World of Warcraft's Morhaime for Academy Hall of Fame News

Blizzard CEO joins august company

12 Dec 2007

Virtua Fighter 5 – new gameplay video inside News

Meet El Blaze and Eileen.

17 Jul 2006

Sega Shock - Shenmue Online revealed! News

Yu Suzuki's legendary RPG goes online in Asian territories.

03 Aug 2004

Sega as studio consolidation approaches - High-level walk-out rumours abound News

Amusement Vision and Hitmaker close

29 Jun 2004

Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation New Art and Screens News

That wouldn’t be a Phantasy Star texture set, would it?

15 Jun 2004

Sega’s Ollie King for Xbox? Plus: New Yu Suzuki game sees wall of silence News

Predictable Chihiro chatter emerges

25 Nov 2003

Virtua Fighter Quest – The GameCube dream lives on! News

Big head RPG still underway – Sega makes commitment.

24 Oct 2003

Suzuki and Ishikawa on Outrun 2 - Brand new details inside! News

Gears decision clutched by Sega

31 Jul 2003

Sega Consolidation revealed: Suzuki gets new studio News

The fight for profitability continues

25 Jul 2003

Shenmue III shows Sega's newfound cunning News

Fan letters mix with AM-2 newsletters as Suzuki manages hype

22 Jul 2003

More Shenmue III details emerge News

Japanese chatter tells of Suzuki announcement.

21 Jul 2003

Shenmue III chatter re-ignites imagination News

Japanese reports suggest September announcement.

15 Jul 2003

First Outrun 2 screens spew forth! Gameplay details inside! News

Chihiro screens of truth and justice.

11 Jul 2003

New Outrun looms for Xbox! News

Chihiro version to release in 2003

11 Jul 2003

Another massive Sega reshuffle. Suzuki hands over AM2 News

R&D consolidation begins in earnest.

09 Jul 2003

Sega AM2 line-up revealed? News

Japanese sure of Suzuki’s future plans.

02 Jul 2003

Virtua Fighter 4 Speculation ends News

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution lands on PlayStation 2.

16 Apr 2003

Exclusive: New Outrun at E3 – Suzuki’s online arcade link-up dreams revealed News

Sega Japan insiders talk of massive reinvestment into key IP.

31 Mar 2003

Shenmue III power confirmation News

Speculation over - Shenmue III for Xbox

31 Jan 2003

Massive Sega restructure rocks world News

Kayama: ‘This is the New Sega!’

28 Jan 2003

Yu Suzuki pleasured by award News

Hall of Fame for Sega big man.

28 Jan 2003

‘Shenmue III to be CG only’ mystery solved News

Yu Suzuki says…

14 Jan 2003

Sega to make Square-style blunder? News

Shenmue III CG 'movie only' chatter emerges.

13 Jan 2003

Suzuki: “VF Quest will be completed this year” News

RPG attains mythical status as wait continues – Sega spy update inside.

09 Jan 2003

GBA Yu Suzuki Collection renamed and ready to roll News

This. Is. Good. News

23 Dec 2002

Exclusive: Planet Harriers disappears News

Amusement Vision popularity edges out Suzuki remake.

28 Nov 2002

Future of Shenmue hangs on US Xbox success News

Already released in Europe, Shenmue 2 sales are vital for series.

28 Nov 2002

Brand New Ferrari F355 Challenge PlayStation 2 shots! News

Yu will love this. Sorry.

25 Jul 2002

Naomi 3 arcade hardware crops up at Sega News

What? You mean there’s more?

23 Jul 2002

"Driving a Ferrari is very pleasurable!" News

Latest build of Ferrari F355 for PlayStation from Yu.

03 Jul 2002

Yu Suzuki Pack announced for GBA News

Hang On to your After Burner as Space Harrier Outruns handheld

10 Jun 2002

Typing Space Harrier first look News

Type fast, shoot stuff, get confused

05 Mar 2002

Why Yu little… News

PS2 Virtua Fighter 4 screens emerge!

04 Jan 2002

Shenmue 3 revealed by Sega News

You know, that game, that you played, on the day it snowed…

12 Nov 2001

English version of Shenmue 2 complete! News

Dodgy. Voiceacting. Returns. In Yu Suzuki's latest monster. Title.

10 Sep 2001

Virtua Fighter Shenmue 2 disc details emerge News

3D fighting preview free with Shenmue 2

18 Jul 2001

Yu Suzuki Speaks on Virtua Fighter 4 for Dreamcast News

Only if it can handle it is the word.

14 Mar 2001

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