Sega as studio consolidation approaches - High-level walk-out rumours abound

Amusement Vision and Hitmaker close

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Sega as studio consolidation approaches - High-level walk-out rumours abound
As of July 1st, Sega's various subsidiaries are due to be retracted back into the main SEGA organisation, in news that sits uncomfortably with the firm's super-loyal fanbase.

Studios including Amusement Vision and Hitmaker will close their websites, whilst other teams like AM2 will cut down non-essential web content, such as developer diaries and personal columns. This reintegration comes as a result of Sammy's recent takeover of Sega and concludes the debate as to the ultimate future of Sega as it once existed.

As regular SPOnG readers will know, Sega reacted aggressively to the suggestion that its involvement with Sammy would result in any developmental restructure, with the ensuing rows between the press and Sega's PR wings reverberating across the industry. And as with the full buy-out of Sega by Sammy, the fears of fans have been realised to the letter. Sega Japan underlines that current projects will be seen through to completion, though a reduction in output and the reining in of untested, highly innovative projects - arguably Sega's defining property over the last decades - seems certain to come.

This news will also fan the flames of rumour that suggests Sega's studio heads will be departing the firm at some point in the near future. Yuji Naka, Yu Suzuki and Toshihiro Nagoshi have all been named as those likely to jump ship in favour of pursuing their videogame goals across a broad spectrum of the press - a move that, if realised, would surely spell the absolute end of the Sega that has been omnipresent in the games industry for as long as we can remember.

Stay tuned for further updates on all things Sega in the coming weeks.


Shoryuken! 29 Jun 2004 11:09
Surely this is the final breath of one of the industry's finest contributors and innovators. With Nagoshi, Suzuki, Naka and Mitzuguchi gone, SEGA will be no more. How the mighty have fallen...
...but fear not, be assured that our favourite SEGA geniuses will bounce back!
smagic 29 Jun 2004 12:02
it might be that all that sammy wanted was to acquire the rights to all of sega's licenses like sonic,outrun etc who knows? It's upsetting to see such a great company go down the pan. It started to go bad for sega when they launched the mega cd which thrust them into a downward spiral. It would seem that this is the end for them. Even if sega do die my memories of those golden greats will never desert me. Lets just hope ninty don't go the same way otherwise in a few years time bill gates will own the entire world.

Shenmue lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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NiktheGreek 29 Jun 2004 16:43
smagic wrote:

>it might be that all that sammy wanted was to
>acquire the rights to all of sega's licenses like
>sonic,outrun etc who knows?

Apparently, the main attributes seen in Sega by Sammy are the existing staff (especially middle management), the brand name, and their arcade empire. Also, Hajime Satomi noted Sonic and Phantasy Star Online as favourite games.

Remember, because the existing staff are a main reason for Sammy wanting in, you know they'll do their best to keep them there.
Joji 29 Jun 2004 17:11
I was hoping Sammy wouldn't tear Sega asunder, but if this many top names are leaving something dark is slowly happening. Perhaps Sammy's focus is somewhat miss guided to what Sega are really about, who knows.

I hope all the top ex-Sega employees team up, make a serious comeback with a new and different software company, and kick some serious ass.
Pandaman 29 Jun 2004 20:30
Here's the problem.

All the names may leave the company to do their own thing, but Sonic and friends are staying right there with Sammy. What will come of all our favorite Sega franchises? Will they turn into nothing more but figure heads for coin operated machines?
ben 29 Jun 2004 22:11
I have to say way back when spong talked about rumours of a Microsoft take over and also sammys slow weed-like take over of Sega i was not happy! But as it stands i really wish that Microsoft had taken over Sega rather than Sammy. Although it would of ment the end of Cross-platform games from sega. Hell we would still have a sega to talk about in 5 years. The chance of Sega being the sega i grow up with, in 2009, is slim at best.

Am i the only person to of wished that MS had got thier big cheque book out for Sega? And if they had, what would of it meant for the Xbox in japan and the younger audiances?
ohms 30 Jun 2004 11:17
It wasn't just Micro$oft either.
Apparently Sony, and even Nintendo, tried to aqquire SEGA arount that time too.
TigerUppercut 30 Jun 2004 12:04
ben mills wrote:

>Am i the only person to of wished that MS had got
>thier big cheque book out for Sega?

No. When all that was going on, I was told by a source at a good level that "...the meeting just broke down. Sega walked out..."

Dunno what happened but there was certainly some tension. Microsofty buying Sega would have saved it. And when you think of the massive waste that was the Rare purchase, it seems almost criminal...
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