"Driving a Ferrari is very pleasurable!"

Latest build of Ferrari F355 for PlayStation from Yu.

Posted by Staff
Sega has released a new batch of screenshots taken from the latest build of the Naomi simulator classic Ferrari F355 for PlayStation 2.

When we spent some time with Yu Suzuki, the game?s creator, over at E3 this year, we noticed something about him. He is completely and utterly obsessed with driving Ferraris. Fair enough!

We asked several questions about F355, its heritage and future. Each question began exactly as the headline of this story is presented. We asked several questions about the upcoming Outrun game and about previous outings in the series too. Again, we first had to listen to just how pleasurable driving a Ferrari really is.

Yu Suzuki is cool! As is Ferrari F355 for PlayStation, which will feature full force-feedback support. We can?t wait!

Expect the game to be available to buy in time for Christmas.


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