Suzuki to Kickstart Shenmue III

That's the intention now that SEGA has lost rights to the IP

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Suzuki to Kickstart Shenmue III
SEGA lost the rights to the Shenmue brand as we reported recently and that makes it more likely that we'll see Shenmue III if Yu Suzuki is to be believed.

He was speaking at GDC about what the hell happened to Shenmue anyway when he was asked about Kickstarting the now free'd up IP. Would he Kickstart Shenmue III

"Yes. I am researching it", he told Eurogamer. Soon then?

"Just now, I don't have anything I can say yet. I can't announce right now - but I'm making something."

How much would that Kickstarter cost for Shenmue III?



Mooncalfian 21 Mar 2014 21:32
This is all sorts of inaccurate, and you've even quoted him out of context. Sega did not lose the "rights" to the Shenmue brand. They lost the trademark name, only in the USA. Also, Yu said that last thing when asked if he was working on a new project right now (could be unrelated to Shenmue).
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