Yu Suzuki is STILL at SEGA

The reports of his departure are greatly exaggerated

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Yu Suzuki
Yu Suzuki
Following a rash of reports that famed arcade game creator Yu Suzuki (Hang On, Virtua Fighter, Out Run, Shenmue) is no longer with SEGA, it has been confirmed that he is, in fact, still with the publisher.

In a statement correcting his own earlier comments, SEGA of America's president Simon Jeffery said, "I can safely say that Yu Suzuki is in fact still a Sega employee." He added that Suzuki "...is a Creative Officer of Sega Corp."

Jeffrey's earlier comments about Suzuki ran to the tune of, "Last I heard, he was doing some online stuff in China... He's kind of his own man right now. Every now and again, he'll come up with an idea, and I don't think anything has come out of that yet, but we're still working with him. He's not an employee any more..."

Maybe SEGA's left hand should be given a better idea of what it's right hand is doing? Just a suggestion...

Suzuki's most recent credit is on SEGA-Race TV, an arcade title.

Source: Gamasutra


SuperSaiyan4 13 Aug 2008 12:21
What I dont understand is Sega continues to create crap Sonic games and admits to it and the next one that is on the way will also flop I know that in advance.

Why dont they just stop making crap games and wasting resources and build on franchises that are popular like Shenmue? Also Panzer Dragoon Orta on the old Xbox was superb.

If Sega want to make money they need to listen to what gamers actually want and at the moment its Shenmue 3!
mrAnthony 13 Aug 2008 12:28
three points:

1. how do you know it will FLOP. just because a game isn't any good, doesnt mean it will do badly at retail. look at halo 3 (that is a joke btw. the last bit i mean)

2. do you know the story behind shenmue at all. that franchise is the reason that you dont see a successor to the dreamcast under your tv. it lost sega, soooooo much money.

3. its official, you dont know what you are talking about.
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deleted 13 Aug 2008 19:10
You and i might think Sonic games have gone crap, but my kids certainly dont in fact my sons favourite games are usually Sonic on Wii or PS3 and i suspect many other preteens are the same and thus sales of sonic games must be pretty healthy, as pointed out, if it sells regardless of crapability they will make it.

What happened to you dude, i remember when you were cool, what happened to you? (note: i dont really remember you ever being cool)
SuperSaiyan4 14 Aug 2008 07:49
Sonic 1,2,3 were the best, the kids of today don't know what Sonic was REALLY like. Look at Sega even admitting that their latest Sonic games are not that great and look at the new one thats on the way it looked interesting and then BAM! Suddenly it all goes wrong when they make Sonic turn into some wild beast!!

I just want the old Sonic games back but perhaps refined not re-invented buy trying to remake the wheel but ending up with a square.

Anyways freedom of speech is what happened I guess a bit carried away on here just dont really have a preference to the PS3 at all not anymore now since it serves no purpose other than playing blu-ray movies or if your a Microsoft hater.
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