Virtua Fighter Shenmue 2 disc details emerge

3D fighting preview free with Shenmue 2

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Big Yu Suzuki. He am de man!
Big Yu Suzuki. He am de man!
A few weeks back we brought you the news that Sega guru Yu Suzuki had decided to include a Virtua Fighter dedicated disc bundled with every copy of Shenmue 2. Today we received details of what this disc will contain.

The disc, known as the Virtua Fighter Premium disc will primarily contain what has been called a Virtua Fighter 4 passport. This passport will enable Dreamcast owners to access the new VFNet website, which can only be viewed using a Dreamcast enabled with the passport. Clever eh?

Virtua Fighter Premium disc will also contain a complete history of the Virtua Fighter series. This will include a history of the development of the series in terms of hardware and software as well as complete character biographies.

Shenmue 2 complete will hit European stores at the beginning on next year.


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