Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Xbox 360

Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure: Free Roaming / Combat Game

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Finds New Life News

Let's breathe life into a wonderous hit of the past.

12 Dec 2013

Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Now Available for iOS Press Release

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities - Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas

12 Dec 2013

GTA: San Andreas Coming To Mobile Devices News

The biggest GTA of the PS2 era... but mobile

26 Nov 2013

GTA V Map: Not So Big After All? News

Can it really be bigger than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined? We found out.

12 Sep 2013

Grand Theft Auto Sale Kicks Off on PlayStation Store News

Get 'em while they're hot.

08 May 2013

Dan's Dares - 2013 - Portable Gaming and DLC Opinion

One's a joke, one's a rip-off you dolts!

12 Jan 2013

Hot Coffee Claimants Receive Compensation News

$5? We guess it's more about the principle of the thing.

30 Mar 2010

Violent Game Binning Event a Failure News

'Killer Games' to blame for recent shootings, apparently.

19 Oct 2009

Paying: Take-Two's $20 Million GTA Class Action News

Hot Coffee is served

02 Sep 2009

Porn, Dope, Assault, Booze, GTA IV = Prison News

Courts and media blame video game

10 Nov 2008

GTA: San Andreas Gets Xbox Original Treatment News

Microsoft and Rockstar hold hands some more

16 Oct 2008

Take-Two Interactive Cleared over Misleading Shareholders News

Company out of hot coffee... whoops... water.

17 Apr 2008

UPDATED: Rockstar Gets Steamed Up News

But not just yet

07 Jan 2008

Take Two Forks Out $1 Million To Dodge GTA Court Case News

Out of court settlement reached for Hot Coffee scandal

12 Nov 2007

The Charts: Halo 3 versus FIFA News

Can a bunch of over-paid prima donnas score over a bunch of helmet lovers?

02 Oct 2007

Disgruntled Ex-Rockstar Employee Spills (Hot Coffee) Beans News

'Life During Wartime Working at Rockstar Games'

26 Jul 2007

Manhunt 2 Rated ‘Adult Only’ in the States News

Still. Better than a blanket ban, eh?

20 Jun 2007

Take-Two In New Hot Coffee Sex Talks News

Agrees to settlement talks

01 Mar 2007

Wii Dominates Japanese Sales as PlayStation 3 Goes Missing News

Nothing from SCE or MS in games top ten

08 Feb 2007

GTA Muscles Into Japanese Charts News

Although it took its sweet time getting there

02 Feb 2007

Rockstar Announces GTA: The Trilogy on PS2 for Christmas News

License. Print. Money.

09 Nov 2006

Government Taking Games Seriously Shocker News

Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Enquiry into New Media and the creative Industries

19 Oct 2006

Rockstar Wins a Lawsuit, Strippers and Pigs Involved News

Real-world legalised pimps too.

03 Aug 2006

Take Two: Subpoenaed Over Hot Coffee News

More trouble over rubbish sex mini-game.

27 Jun 2006

Rockstar and Federal Trade Commission – Settlement Reached News

Hopefully draws a line under Hot Coffee scandal.

09 Jun 2006

Crazy Fool Thinks GTA Improves His Driving News

Plus! Yawn! Games demonised in murder case.

18 Apr 2006

Take 2 Shell Out Cool $25m for GTA Devs News

Elsewhere, Jack Thompson in tedious Bully scandal.

14 Mar 2006

Prostitutes Urge Morally Upstanding Citizens to Boycott GTA News

Most bizarre twist yet in ongoing ban-this-filth saga.

15 Feb 2006

Take 2 Facing Another Major Lawsuit News

Beleaguered GTA publisher burnt by Hot Coffee. Again.

30 Jan 2006

E3 Booth Babe Bikini Ban News

Jack Thompson prevents geek hoard annual female contact

24 Jan 2006

Next GTA Set Across European Cities News

UK rumour mill fired up again.

16 Jan 2006

San Andreas Hacker Transcends Reality News

Satellite GTA map impresses.

11 Nov 2005

Jack Thompson - The SPOnG Exclusive Interview Interview

The Interview With the Man About the Games

18 Oct 2005

Jack Thompson Stars in Videogame News

Fighting Hellfish cook up GTA mod. Sequel in works.

17 Oct 2005

No Sex Please, We're Australian News

GTA 'Hot Coffee' scenes a bridge too far for OFLC

01 Aug 2005

Congress Backs Spanking Millions in Rockstar Witchhunt News

Hot Coffee lie prompts probe – irrespective of rating change.

26 Jul 2005

Rockstar in Hot Coffee - Sex mod exists in PS2 SA - Firm lied in press release? News

Sex news - More interesting than award ceremonies

18 Jul 2005

Rockstar responds to Clinton attack News

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek

15 Jul 2005

Hillary Clinton wants in on hot, steamy sex News

Like husband like wife…

14 Jul 2005

Man Shoots, Kills Seven Year-Old Girl in San Andreas Row News

The world stinks – more proof.

24 Jun 2005

Financial report nails down Rockstar release schedule News

XBOX and PSP release dates, and more revealed

05 Mar 2005

Rockstar again accused of targeting children with GTA News

Commercials to see watershed ban

02 Mar 2005

UK Charts: Who Lives in a Pineapple at Number Three? News

Are you ready kids?

22 Feb 2005

UK Charts: Christmas Number One Revealed News

Big games take top spots – multiformat releases power through.

21 Dec 2004

World in shock: San Andreas confirmed for Xbox News

Rockstar pledges MS version by June

17 Dec 2004

Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for XBox Press Release

Street dates confirmed for Xbox and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

17 Dec 2004

UK Charts – Actually interesting for once News

SA back on top as Half-Life 2 squeezed out – Halo 2 slides.

23 Nov 2004

Rockstar Games and Interscope Records Announce Box Set Soundtrack Details for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Press Release

8-CD box set follows the November 22 European/November 23 N. American releases of the GTA San Andreas double CD featuring bonus DVD The Introduction.

17 Nov 2004

Know games? Make money! Over 18 only News

Christmas number one betting odds announced

15 Nov 2004

Rockstar tools up a million News

GTA: San Andreas record smash non-shock

10 Nov 2004

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review

SPOnG hits the switch and pops a cap at Rockstar

03 Nov 2004

World in shock: San Andreas sells like crack in Compton News

Amazement at incredible amount of over 18’s shopping

03 Nov 2004

San Andreas not big enough for Wall Street, Take Two shares slip! News

Will multi-million selling 'stupid fantasy' be enough?

26 Oct 2004

Rockstar reacts to GTA San Andreas leak News

"We take the theft [...] very seriously."

21 Oct 2004

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) Preview

With a glint in our eye, we took a few hours off work to pop round to our friends at Rockstar and had a little play with this new game they've got

19 Oct 2004

San Andreas for download? News

Embarrassment for Rockstar as piracy rumours surface

15 Oct 2004

Rockstar under fire as demographic void causes concern News

Publisher chooses magazine with younger readership for adult game

15 Oct 2004

World Exclusive: San Andreas! multiplayer features revealed News

Online dashed - Co-op mode details exposed inside

14 Oct 2004

GTA-Powered PSTwo set for Halo 2 party poop? News

Speculation points to cut-down console later this year

16 Sep 2004

GTA San Andreas PS2 Release Date Slips! PC Version Not Until Next Summer News

One small slip for PS2, one lengthy wait for PCs

10 Sep 2004

Official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Trailer Unveiled News

Long-awaited snippet from a long-awaited game.

24 Aug 2004

GTA San Andreas: Highlights, Perms and Moody Goods News

Hairstyling and thievery added to list of micro-gameplay features.

17 Aug 2004

Hungry For Fresh GTA San Andreas Details? (It's a brilliant pun) News

Rockstar cooks up more goodness, new info and more puns inside

27 Jul 2004

New Images From GTA: San Andreas News

The Rockstar uber-crime adventure pictured inside.

09 Jul 2004

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas offline confirmed News

Houser comments solidified by US arm.

28 Jun 2004

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Burgling and Gambling Included News

First information on E3 truant revealed.

19 May 2004

GTA: San Andreas First Screens News

Bah! Who needs E3 anyway?

12 May 2004

Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas E3 No-show Confirmed News

Rockstar spills beans – key title to be kept under wraps.

21 Apr 2004

E3 No-shows: Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto to Miss Key Show News

Deadlines approach for big franchises.

20 Apr 2004

GTA San Andreas to Miss E3? News

June slated for key franchise update.

16 Apr 2004

Shaun Ryder in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! News

Leaked script adds weight to professional Manc's inclusion. Inclusion of Squirrel and G-Man not confirmed.

29 Mar 2004

Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Press Release

Feel the tremor of anticipation!

02 Mar 2004

Grand Theft Auto Shock: San Andreas PlayStation 2 exclusive! News

Rockstar patent app proves reliable as next game in planet’s biggest franchise takes shape

01 Mar 2004

PS2 Wish List 2004: GTA News

As inevitable as leaves falling from the trees. Deciduous trees, that is.

28 Dec 2003

GTA 4 confirmed as PS2 exclusive! Plus: Xbox double pack details News

Port info and amazing confirmation inside.

08 Sep 2003

Rockstar makes Grand Theft Auto 4 commitment – PlayStation 3 chatter re-emerges News

But Sony exclusives could be history.

30 May 2003

Grand Theft Auto Miami and IV Revealed News

More controversy on the way? It's a safe bet.

11 Feb 2002

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