Grand Theft Auto San Andreas offline confirmed

Houser comments solidified by US arm.

Posted by Staff
Towards the end of last week, Dutch magazine Power Unlimited ran an interview with Rockstar Games Creative Vice President Dan Houser, in which he seemingly dismissed the chances of online play being incorporated into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

?San Andreas will not be online - we would have to sacrifice too much for it,? said Houser. ?We have a lot of script writers working on GTA, and they use so many scenarios to build the story - it's impossible to do that in an online game, that problem has not been solved," he concluded.

Although arguably this somewhat misses the point. Those who listened to Rockstar?s hints of online play towards the end of last year were not really looking to become embroiled in narrative-heavy Internet gaming. The upped strategy levels of San Andreas would have been perfect for skirmish or mini-campaign episodes in an online multiplayer capacity.

The news from the wonderfully Dutch-titled magazine has since been confirmed by Rockstar?s US office, with a rep explaining to IGN that Houser?s comments are correct.


nickeedoo 28 Jun 2004 12:32
More of the same then... How wonderful. </sarcasm>.
Alan is my first name 28 Jun 2004 19:34
The appeal of this game is mostly in the exploration of the area. I hear San Andreas will have a LOT more to explore, so that's good. Only problem is that I'm getting a little tired of running over hookers.
Jayenkai 28 Jun 2004 21:12
I think we're better off waiting for PS3(etc) before wanting Multiplayer GTA3-3 (it IS 3-3, right? We're not officially onto 4 yet, are we?)

I really don't think it'll be so easy to get all this gameplay, all the areas, and everything else working WITH Multiplayer, on the PS2.
If it were XBox, then Maybe it could just about manage it, but the NextGen. Definately.
I can't wait for GTA4.

But in the meantime, maybe this is finally a reason for me to bother getting a PS2?
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