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Full name: Entertainment and Leisure Software Publisher's Association Ltd
Established: 1989
Closed: 9 Sept 2010
Reason: The company was rebranded to UKIE

Founded as the European Leisure Software Publishers Association (UK) Ltd in 1989, ELSPA's goal was to establish a specific and collective identity for the interactive leisure software industry across the European community.

ELSPA's Membership includes almost all companies concerned with the publishing and distribution of interactive leisure software in the UK.

As a gateway to Europe, ELSPA works to protect, promote and provide for the interests of all its members, as well as addressing issues that affect the industry as a whole.

Additionally, the organisation commissions retail research outfit Chart-Track to produce weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual UK videogame sales charts.

In 1994 ELSPA was responsible for introducing the video games ratings to the UK. The first voluntary age rating system for any entertainment medium, the system system has proved extremely successful. During its time over 95% of all leisure software products complied with the ELSPA voluntary code. Over 60% of all games given an ELSPA rating by the Video Standards Council (VSC) were rated as suitable for all ages (i.e. given a rating of age three and over). With more mature titles, the VSC would refer the game in question to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) for rating.

In October 2002 the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) announced a voluntary rating system to be used across Europe. Based on the rating template introduced by ELSPA, the new system would eventually become the Pan-European Game Information or PEGI rating system. Readily adopted across the European countries in 2003, ELSPA's original ratings were phased out.

With the announcement of the PEGI Rating system, ELSPA repositioned itself as The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publisher's Association Ltd.

Citing a need to "reflect the evolving and expanding nature of the industry", in March 2010 ELSPA announced plans to reinvent itself as "The Association For UK Interactive Entertainment", or UKIE. On the evening of September 8th 2010, at a event in Westminster, London, the new branding was unveiled. The following day the rebranding took effect and, after more than 20 years as the UK video games industry's figure head, ELSPA ceased to exist.

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08 Apr 2010

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Video Game Makers Honoured by Queen News

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31 Dec 2009

UK Govt: Video Game Industry Not "Compelling" News

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22 Dec 2009

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UK Gov Plans Games Committee News

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30 Jun 2009

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25 Jun 2009

PEGI Reveals Game Rating Symbols News

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17 Jun 2009

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Official Change4Life Supporter and the Game Controller News

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27 Feb 2009

ELSPA: All Change at the Top News

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Record Year for UK Games Business News

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04 Dec 2008

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ELSPA's Response to UK Government News

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21 Apr 2008

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ELSPA Sides with Conservatives News

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ELSPA Officially Responds To DS Piracy Concerns News

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06 Feb 2008

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90 Percent of US DS Owners Playing Pirated Games News

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31 Jan 2008

UK Games Industry's Record-Breaking £1.52 Billion News

Game sales at highest point ever

20 Dec 2007

ELSPA Responds to Second Government Gaming Inquiry News

UK trade body "happy"

06 Dec 2007

‘Minister For Games’ Margaret Hodge Addresses ELSPA News

Full video from ELSPA AGM inside

26 Oct 2007

Mr Modchips – UK Pirate Faces Jail And £1 Million Fine News

Poor Mr Modchips, seems to have moved to Thailand

25 Oct 2007

London Games Festival Kicks Off News

BAVGAs, Byron Review, Videogames Live, Game Career Fair and more

22 Oct 2007

The Byron Review – Public Review, Press Not Invited News

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

19 Oct 2007

London Games Festival Returns - Full Details News

Dates for the diary: 22 October – 2 November 2007

09 Oct 2007

Prime Minister Gordon Brown Has A Pop At Games News

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09 Oct 2007

ELSPA: More Government Support (if that's ok with you) News

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10 Aug 2007

Ex-ELSPA Bennett Slams Successor's Manhunt 2 Stance News

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ELSPA Director on Manhunt 2 Ban News

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BAFTA Games Awards: Victim Of Own Success News

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Prime Minister Blair's Love For UK Games News

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08 Mar 2007

2006 A Record Sales Year News

The UK games market enjoys its most profitable year ever

11 Jan 2007

SPOnG 2006 Poll – ELSPA, Xplosiv, Koei, Koch News

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29 Dec 2006

Games are Definitely Good for Children News

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04 Oct 2006

Shockingly Poor Start to London Games Summit News

Nobody turned up to play with Lord Sainsbury.

04 Oct 2006

London Games Week: BAFTA, TIGA, ELSPA News News

An acronymic circle jerk?

08 Mar 2006

ELSPA release record-busting sales figures News

2005’s booming sales belie ‘fallow year’

09 Jan 2006

Downloadable Java games mainly bought by old men News

Who like old games...

23 Dec 2005

British Software Pirates Jailed News

ELSPA crusade continues apace.

04 Aug 2005

Xbox Modder Convicted News

Equipment seized, community service dished out.

05 Jul 2005

N-Gage Dropped by ChartTrack News

Flagging Nokia platform delisted.

11 Jan 2005

ECTS Bullish After Dire 2004 Show News

Outshone by competitor, seminal UK show promises bounce-back

10 Sep 2004

Bookies Announce Odds for Christmas Number One News

Thankfully, no sign of Cliff Richard…

05 Dec 2003

ELSPA and CVG Reveal Your Top 30 Games From the Last 30 Years News

No real surprises here - strong Nintendo and Sega presence confirms PlayStation generation hasn't got it sewn up yet.

05 Dec 2003

Odd new European games ratings revealed News

And they’re kinda cool to boot.

24 Oct 2002

Ankle-biters Edged out by Coffin-dodgers News

New ELSPA survey indicates huge shift in game-playing demographics.

10 Apr 2002

University of Manchester to host computer games conference News

Look, if we're not gonna play, let's at least talk about it.

06 Mar 2002

UK games market third biggest in the world! News

You just love 'em, don't ya!

11 Jan 2002

Green light for gaming as inspection gives all-clear News

Rating system praised

06 Dec 2001

South Yorkshire Police give ELSPA a hand News

Video game piracy is a bad, bad thing, as a local Yorkshire conman recently discovered.

19 Oct 2001

Frontal lobe? I’ll give you frontal lobe if you’re not careful! News

The games industry comes out fighting following brain-drain games report

22 Aug 2001

ELSPA way off the mark, or is this how it’s going to be? News

It's a story of 20:20... read on

28 Jun 2001

Pirate games contain links to child porn sites News

Links from Pirated software to child pornography

28 Jan 2001

ELSPA volume sales awards winners announced News

The ELSPA has recently announced its winners for software titles that managed to break the 300,000-sales mark.

18 Jan 2001

UK video game industry at an all-time high News

The year 2000 was a fantastic one for the sales of video games.

18 Jan 2001

Video games more popular than the cinema! News

The United Kingdom’s video game industry is now officially the third biggest in the world.

18 Jan 2001

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