ELSPA Finally Rebrands to UKIE not Yukky

Becomes The Association For UK Interactive Entertainment

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ELSPA Finally Rebrands to UKIE not Yukky
The re-branding of UK games industry monitor ELSPA was unveiled at Westminster yesterday evening with the new name of "The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment" or UKIE.

The abbreviation stands for the association and should not be pronounced "Yukky". It says of itself on its new site, that it is "the only trade body for the UK?s wider interactive entertainment industry. We exist to champion the interests, needs and positive image of the videogames and interactive entertainment industry who's companies make up our membership."

The director general of UKIE Micheal Rawlinson had this to say to MCV on the industry monitor's new face:

"I want us to be seen as a resource for our members on information, a resource for statistic and services like Chart-Track data which is now adding digital data ? as we always have,"

"But I also want the industry to come together and share ideas, network, and hopefully open up business opportunities."

Anyone expecting drastic changes as ELSPA evolves into UKIE? Please post any thoughts on the matter in the comments below.


Daz 8 Sep 2010 20:52
not Yukky?, ok, Yukkie it is then.
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