N-Gage Dropped by ChartTrack

Flagging Nokia platform delisted.

Posted by Staff
N-Gage Dropped by ChartTrack
Somewhat worrying news for Nokia breaks this afternoon, with the emergence of a UK chart stripped of its regular N-Gage listing, a bleak state of affairs for the beleaguered gaming phone.

This news comes in the wake of Christmas seeing off the very last N-Gage point-of-sale items at retail, with even the smallest independent cellular shop now bereft of said phone.

Speaking to ChartTrack today, we were told, “The N-Gage chart, though still produced, is of little interest to anyone. Sales of the machine and its software have failed to make any impact on the market at all. We still keep sales charted and are available on monthly, quarterly and annual reports, though we have dropped the platform from the ELSPA chart following a lack of interest.”

Which is perhaps the most worrying news for Nokia’s ill-fated (albeit its first attempt) game phone to date. Nokia remained unavailable for comment at this time.

We’ll bring you updates as we see fit.


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