ELSPA Backs New Conservative Childhood Review Plan

ELSPA embraces common sense approach taken by Tory Childhood Review, 'More Ball Games'

Posted by Staff

Wednesday 6th February/... ELSPA (the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) believes that the Conservative Party?s launch of its childhood report, More Ball Games, shows a long overdue level-headed and sensible approach to discussing and understanding the issues affecting childhood in the UK in 2008.

ELSPA gave evidence to the Review in late 2007.

Paul Jackson, Director General of ELSPA, said: ?ELSPA knows that games have an important part to play in the lives of everyone. This is a great example of the games industry working hard to ensure a return to some sensible thinking. It is pleasing to see that politicians and their advisors have taken the time to listen and really consider the issues.

?ELSPA?s cross-party work will continue to demonstrate the positive aspects of games and their important role, from an entertainment and educational point of view.

The Childhood Review concludes that parents are most concerned about allowing children to play outdoors, whether that be in playgrounds or out in the streets, where bullying and high crime rates are giving them no choice but to keep them indoors. In 2007 UNICEF (the United Nations Childrens? Fund) published An overview of Child Well-Being in Rich Countries and showed Britain is the worst place for children to live in the developed world.