Alan Wake - PC

Also known as: 'Alan Wake: Limited Collector's Edition'
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Adventure: Survival Horror

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Let's bring back some varied games!

21 May 2013

SPOnG Zeitgeist 2012: Survival Horror Feature

Zombies vs zombies vs zombies

31 Dec 2012

Remedy's Oskari Häkkinen Interview

Is it Alan's wake for Alan Wake?

17 Feb 2012

Remedy: Old Movies Are Respected; Old Games Aren't News

Alan Wake PC wasn't made for the commercial factor.

15 Feb 2012

Alan, Wake up! Press Release

Remedy Entertainment Ltd. and Nordic Games ink the publishing deal for the boxed PC version of Remedy’s critically acclaimed Psychological Action Thriller “Alan Wake”.

26 Jan 2012

Alan Wake Studio Working on "Groundbreaking AAA Project" News

And it's for consoles, too.

16 Jan 2012

Remedy Alan Wake On Ps3 "Significantly More Difficult" News

No Alan Wake for PS3 people

30 Dec 2011

Alan Wake American Nightmare Inspiration Leaves Stephen King - Moves to Tarantino News

From Dusk 'Til Dawn is a reference for new Remedy Wake outing...

15 Dec 2011

Alan Wake Comes to PC in 2012 with Steam News

First Alan Wake PC screenshot here

14 Dec 2011

First Screenshot of Alan Wake: Night Springs News

Guess who's back. Back again.

08 Nov 2011

Microsoft: Alan Wake Sequel Not Signed Up News

And Microsoft hasn't picked up the sequel

10 Jun 2011

Next Alan Wake to be XBLA Only News

Stephen King'll be downloading it fer shure

20 May 2011

Proposition: Next Alan Wake to be a Prequel not Alan Wake 2 News

Remedy muddy the waters

10 May 2011

Alan Wake Canning Not Remedy's Doing News

PC version decision not in the hands of devs

04 Mar 2011

Alan Wake Co-Founder Quits for Angry Birds News

Guess where the cash is?

07 Feb 2011

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: April Feature

Souls, hacks and super-sizing.

26 Dec 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: February Feature

We tackle an avalanche of games news and events.

24 Dec 2010

Alan Wake Last DLC Dated Nibble

27 Sep 2010

Sequel Rights! Opinion

Are franchises killing games?

21 Sep 2010

Alan Wake Developer Talks "Full Blown" Sequel News

Remedy ready to talk to Microsoft

10 Aug 2010

Alan Wake Live Action Trailer but DLC 3 Denied News

Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne misquoted

06 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: John Marston Most Popular Outlaw News

Red Dead Redemption shoots its way to #1.

24 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA 1, Wake 2 News

World Cup fever still has nation in vice grip.

17 May 2010

Alan Wake Review

Game breaker or ball breaker

10 May 2010

Remedy: Alan Wake Animations Will Be Fixed in DLC News

Won't say whether the work was outsourced.

07 May 2010

Remedy: Alan Wake 'Specials' to Bridge Episode Gaps News

Referred to as 'specials'. As in, TV specials. Yeah.

29 Apr 2010

Remedy Responds To Alan Wake Resolution Concerns News

People reckon it's not actually 720p.

20 Apr 2010

New Alan Wake Trailer with added Jargon! News

Exciting stuff

07 Apr 2010

Alan Wake Hits Europe Early News

Yes, a game comes early

07 Apr 2010

Alan Wake's DLC Will Depend On Audience Reaction News

Remedy reveals that two new episodes will be available in 2010.

16 Mar 2010

Alan Wake Preview

Author! Author! Killa!

19 Feb 2010

Alan Wake: Remedy's Oskari Häkkinen Interview

Structuring the serial thriller

18 Feb 2010

Remedy: Alan Wake is "Season One", DLC To Lead Into "Season Two" News

Remedy has "always thought of Alan Wake as a bigger story than just the one game."

18 Feb 2010

Alan Wake: Larger than an Individual Game News

Franchise, franchise, franchise!

15 Feb 2010

Not PC News: No Alan Wake News

More suited to console only... after all this time

12 Feb 2010

Alan Wake's Awesome New Trailer and Date News

Nightmarish authorial shooting mystery

12 Feb 2010

Remedy: Alan Wake Franchise is "Up to You" News

No demo expected. Release due for spring.

20 Jan 2010

SPOnG's Cult Games Of 2010 Feature

The overlooked and totally crazy!

08 Jan 2010

Alan Wake To Get Additional DLC Episodes News

Like TV show Lost, only much more twisted.

07 Jan 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg on 'Just the Exclusives' News

Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 almost dated

21 Dec 2009

UPDATE: No Full Game PReviews for Alan Wake? News

Ending to be removed for previews if Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne gets his own way.

02 Nov 2009

Alan Wake Kicked Out of Sandbox - Just Needs Polish News

PC development doubtful

06 Jul 2009

Alan Wake Dev not a Factory Nibble

09 Jun 2009

Xbox 360 Primes Every Passion With Games That Rock, Race and Sizzle Press Release

Microsoft unveils “Forza Motorsport 3”, “Halo: Reach”, “Crackdown 2”, “Shadow Complex”, and “Alan Wake” on Xbox 360

02 Jun 2009

Alan Wake: All Real or Imagined News

Remedy apologises

18 Aug 2008

SPOnG's Top 20 Reader Voted Games: July 28th News

Chart fixing nightmare comes to nought

28 Jul 2008

SPOnG's Top 20 Reader Voted Games: July 24th News

What are you looking at now?

24 Jul 2008

Alan Wake Slips to 2008 News

Remedy's cerebral, story-led adventure not out this year

23 Jul 2007

Microsoft is Not Scared of Commitment News

News from Games for Windows shindig in London

16 Mar 2007

Robbie Bach Talks ‘Live on Windows’ News

More from Microsoft’s CES showing in Vegas

08 Jan 2007

Alan Wake – Latest on Remedy’s Psycho-Thriller Inside News

Max Payne developers send latest postcards from Bright Falls

15 Nov 2006

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