Remedy Alan Wake On Ps3 "Significantly More Difficult"

No Alan Wake for PS3 people

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Remedy Alan Wake On Ps3 "Significantly More Difficult"
Remedy won’t be taking Alan Wake to the PS3. That’s final and it’s from the horse’s mouth.

According to Remedy Entertainment Development Director Markus Maki:

“I would like to make it clear that Microsoft funded the production of the first Alan Wake game, and while they were happy for Remedy to now self-publish on PC it is highly unlikely they would want to see the game on a competing console.

“While we do own the Alan Wake brand, Remedy doesn't have rights to publish THE Alan Wake on PS3. And technically it would be significantly more difficult to do than the PC version.”

So, there you go. No wandering through the forest with a torch for PS3 people. In other news, Heavy Rain unlikely to see the Xbox 360 this side of Doomsday.

Source: Remedy via PlayStationLifeStyle


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