Most Popular

1. Trion Cube Designer: Kouji Asuna
Tetris for the 21st century
2. ADR Director, Charles Campbell
From movies to games and back again
3. Geoff Thomas: Scarface On Nintendo Wii
The world is his!
4. Halo 2: Colin Riley Technical Artist
To PC or not to PC...
5. Kane & Lynch 2: Multiplayer Director, Kim Krogh
Friend or Fun?
6. UK Developer Mick Stockton
PDC Darts, Newcastle and Viking Funerals
7. Rhianna Pratchett, Overlord II Screen Writer
The write stuff
8. The Club's Nick Davies and Matt Cavanagh
We got bored of sneaking around corners, and hiding behind cover
9. Teenage Zombies, Developer Darren McGrath
B-Movies and Pubescent Angst Collide
10. Dragon Age II’s Product Manager, Randall Bishop
Sex, PC wars and character classes