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1. ADR Director, Charles Campbell
From movies to games and back again
2. Kane & Lynch 2: Multiplayer Director, Kim Krogh
Friend or Fun?
3. Halo 2: Colin Riley Technical Artist
To PC or not to PC...
4. SEGA Driving Studio Director: Guy Wilday
We felt we needed to add something to the series...
5. Space Giraffe Creator: Jeff Minter - Part 2
I need to freedom to be able to chuck out bad stuff
6. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
Director Takashi Tokita talks on updating the classic RPG.
7. Geoff Thomas: Scarface On Nintendo Wii
The world is his!
8. Jordane Thiboust: Lead Designer Hot Pixel
Retro yet somehow new...
9. Final Fantasy V Producer: Hiroyuki Miura
The forbidden Dark Arts of the necromancer conjures the undead
10. Space Giraffe Creator: Jeff Minter - Part 1
It is sort of the Anti-Tempest