Next Alan Wake to be XBLA Only

Stephen King'll be downloading it fer shure

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Next Alan Wake to be XBLA Only
The next Alan Wake from Remedy - the one we reckon will be a prequel - appears not to be heading for store shelves if a 'trusted source' is to be believed.

According to Xblafans, "An extremely trusted source has leaked to us that the upcoming Alan Wake: Night Springs will be an Xbox Live Arcade title and not a retail release."

Given the episodic nature of the Alan Wake original, this makes a lot of sense.


Cfan 20 May 2011 10:06
Is that a sign of how well Silent Alan sold?
Honeyman 22 May 2011 08:50
Hopefully it wont take as long to come out as the original game did. Still, it was fairly fun, internal monologues an all that.
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