SPOnG's Top 20 Reader Voted Games: July 28th

Chart fixing nightmare comes to nought

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SPOnG's Top 20 Reader Voted Games: July 28th
So, what a difference a weekend makes. Despite nefarious attempts to rig the SPOnG straw poll of reader visits to game-specific pages, the SPOnG Reader Top 20 appears to have emerged unscathed.

It's also looking quite conservative with big guns such as Ninja Gaiden 2, SoulCalibur IV, Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots all featuring highly.

It would also appear that anybody interested in casual games (is echochrome casual?) was probably out and about playing the real world over this searing weekend. Sure, some were interested in The Sims 2: Pets but for the most part it seems that the hardcore gamer eschewed the big, bright, hot yellow thing in the sky and got their heads down.

In terms of hardware, the PS3 is still garnering most interest (where are you Xbox 360 people?) followed by the PC. Nintendo got one single vote and that was for Family Trainer on the Wii.

In case you missed the rules of the vote - all you have to do is use SPOnG's search engine to find a game that interests you and visit the page. That's it.

SPOnG Readers Top 20 Games
Ninja Gaiden 2 - Xbox 360
Tomb Raider: Underworld - PS3
Guitar Hero World Tour - PS3
SoulCalibur IV - PS3
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - PS3
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 - Xbox 360
Family Trainer - Nintendo Wii
Gears of War 2 - Xbox 360
The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar - PC
Alan Wake - PC
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli - PS3
echochrome - PS3
LEGO Batman: The Videogame - PC
Racedriver: GRID - PC
LittleBigPlanet - PS3
Unreal Tournament 3 - PS3
echochrome - PSP
Grand Theft Auto IV - PS3
The Sims 2: Pets - Xbox 360

Platform Ratings in Chart
Sony PlayStation 3 - 9
PC - 5
Microsoft Xbox 360 - 4
Nintendo Wii - 1
Sony PlayStation Portable - 1


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