Professional Services

Primarily SPOnG exists to provide a reference to gamers everywhere. However, we also offer a number of professional services to gamers, games retailers and software publishers, these include:

Games content and information delivery

Used globally by retailers, distributors and insurance companies, SPOnG is the market leader in providing quality information your customers need about the games they want to buy.

Take a moment to peruse the titles listed in the current charts and, from our publicly available database, the depth and richness of SPOnG's data is immediately evident; packaging and in-game screens, age ratings, release dates, genre classification, accessories and summary.

To bolster the publicly available content, SPOnG's video games data feed delivery service ties the all important barcode to the relevant box shot / packaging, publisher and release date, along with the RRP and release type (Initial Release, Platinum, Player's Choice, etc.), providing single, coherent SKU for each game released - all provided in a single package that's easy to import into your online store or back-office system.

The uses don't just stop at online retail; without SPOnG's games content the identification and selection of products would be a lengthy process for the many non-specialist and temporary staff employed by our clients in the insurance, warehouse and distribution sectors.

If you want to know more about our unrivaled content delivery and how it will generate sales while saving you money, get in touch.

Our XML DTD for video games content is available at:

Games news-feeds

SPOnG is in daily contact with all the major players within the computer games industry. As a result, we can supply daily or weekly games news content, be it a standard news-feed, or bespoke content specifically aimed at your target audience.

Our XML DTD for news is available at:

Advanced Internet Development Services

SPOnG's sister company, eleventeenth, is the Internet development company behind the streamlined stock and sales tracking system used by Activision, Electronic Arts, Konami, Midway, Take2, Ubisoft and Vivendi, along with technical solutions for Aardvark Swift, Q8 Aviation and DHL Worldwide Express's award-winning WAP services.

Site Hosting

As well as hosting SPOnG, with its complex database back end, eleventeenth hosts and maintains the press and trade sites for giants like Nintendo, THQ, Midway, System 3 and EA Mobile. We care about games, and about games sites, let us cherish yours!

With a technical team second to none, eleventeenth and SPOnG can help you with your mobile Internet offering. Whether it be games charts and new release schedules, or game summaries and news. We also have experience of enterprise standard content management, on a global basis. So who better to develop and implement your press extranet, games portal or internal asset management application?

Using the highly scalable and portable J2EE platform, eleventeenth and SPOnG deliver world class solutions that can scale from a single Windows server in your office to an cloud-based server farm. And we do this quickly, efficiently, within budget and to specification. You could use someone else. But why would you? Contact us, and we'll show you under the hood!