First Looks


Eden Star

If you build it, they will come

Gang Beasts

Slappy plasticine fun


No-one's getting out of here alive

Alien Isolation

Amanda is not a heavily armed Marine

Not a Hero

An indie game with minimalist yet wonderfully animated graphics


Team17 goes beyond Worms


First LookNot a Hero1|Apr
First LookFlockers 31|Mar
First LookAaru's Awakening31|Oct|13
First LookChroma11|Oct|13
First LookExtraction (aka Dirty Bomb)17|Sep|13
First LookAssassin's Creed: Liberation10|Sep|13
First LookWatch_Dogs - The App10|Sep|13
First LookValiant Hearts10|Sep|13
First LookTrials Frontier 10|Sep|13
First LookChild of Light10|Sep|13

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Slappy plasticine fun
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