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1. Post-PAX Impressions: Never Alone, Ori and Paperbound
Indie eye candy
2. Level Up: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
Things get weird
3. Metroid: Other M
Team Ninja's Space Opera
4. Company of Heroes 2
Stalin v Hitler! Fight!
5. Battlefield 3
The best looking game this year?
6. Impire
The demon from the Bottomless Pit is having what one would call 'a very bad hair day'.
7. Bulletstorm
People Can Fly's Epic Kill-Em-Up
8. Post-PAX Impressions: Guns of Icarus Online and Hand of Fate
And airship shooter and a card game/RPG hybrid
9. E3 09: WET
Grinding it out
10. Not a Hero
An indie game with minimalist yet wonderfully animated graphics