First Looks

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1. Necropolis
Procedural tombs
2. Max Payne 3
Max goes Brazilian.
3. Modern Warfare 2
Building on the Mile High Club
4. Post-PAX Impressions: Chariot, Cannon Brawl, Defence Grid 2
Part 1 of... LOADS
5. Play Expo 2014: Wulver Blade and Wings! Remastered
Swords and planes
6. EGX First Looks: Lumino City, OlliOlli2, Pneuma
Cardboard and skateboards
7. Dishonored
A most promising Steampunk kill'em-up
8. Journal
Takes control of a young girl whose journal has been tampered
9. EGX First Looks: The Room Three and Toryansé
The spooky stuff
10. EGX First Looks: Affordable Space Adventure, Chaos Ride, Devouring Stars
The sci-fi stuff