Microsoft: Alan Wake Sequel Not Signed Up

And Microsoft hasn't picked up the sequel

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Microsoft: Alan Wake Sequel Not Signed Up
It appears that the next Alan Wake game (Alan Wake's Night Springs) from Remedy - despite rumours that it will an XBLA-only tite - hasn't been picked up by Microsoft or any other publisher.

Head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer, made the admission at E3 this week when he told Joystiq, "I don't know that they've (Remedy) signed it with anybody." However, "We have ongoing conversations with them," he continued.

Spencer also pointed out that the first - and much hyped and media-adored (well, not by us) "didn't sell as well as we would have liked."

Source: Joystiq


JackWade 13 Jun 2011 14:46
come on microsoft. you need some games for your system. what happened to system exclusives? really like the narrative in Alan Wake. Just get fix some of the repetitive gameplay.
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