Heavy Rain - PS3

Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure

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Likely for PS4 project.

11 Apr 2013

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French studio rather likes its exclusive partnership.

22 Mar 2013

Heavy Rain Composer Loses Battle to Cancer, Dies Aged 56 News

BAFTA award-winning creative "an amazing dad".

28 Jan 2013

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The story has been told

29 Sep 2011

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12 Sep 2011

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01 Aug 2011

Games Imitating Films are "Bastard Half-Children" News

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20 Jul 2011

Dead Island: No Dead Kids in Game News

It's just won't sell

23 Mar 2011

BAFTA Winners: Heavy Rain Wins Big News

David Cage "incredibly proud."

17 Mar 2011

NYPD Blue's David Milch Scripting Heavy Rain Film News

Film getting fast-tracked

27 Jan 2011

New Jurassic Park Looks Towards Heavy Rain News

Acting with the dinosaurs

11 Jan 2011

Video Game Industry Figures Pick Favourites of 2010 News

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28 Dec 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: March Feature

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25 Dec 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: February Feature

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24 Dec 2010

Sequel Rights! Opinion

Are franchises killing games?

21 Sep 2010

Heavy Rain DLC On Indefinite Hold News

Move version of the game holding things up.

21 Jun 2010

Quantic Dreams of New Horizon News

David Cage's next project rumoured

02 Jun 2010

Heavy Rain Movie Rights Acquired By Former New Line Execs News

Using their own money as well. Blimey.

20 May 2010

Heavy Rain TV Ad Complaints Rejected News

Unfortunately timed advert gets no blame

12 May 2010

Doctor Who Man: Heavy Rain Flawed News

Revolution Software star talks Quantic Dream.

27 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Kratos Is God of Charts News

PS3 exclusive beats out all competition.

22 Mar 2010

Heavy Rain DLC Gets Stuffed for $5 - Maddison April 1st News

The Taxidermist for those who didn't pre-order

19 Mar 2010

Heavy Rain Patch Still Clouded by Mystery News

No advance on "coming soon"

18 Mar 2010

Peter Molyneux Calls Heavy Rain 'The Future' Of Gaming News

Fable creator a huge fan of Quantic Dream's story game.

17 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: PS3 Claims FFXIII Victory News

PS3 version outsells 360 version with 54% of total sales.

15 Mar 2010

U.S. Software Chart - BioShock 2 Leads Disappointing Month News

Total sales down 15 per cent.

12 Mar 2010

Videogame Sales Down: BioShock 2, Dante and Heavy Rain Blamed News

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11 Mar 2010

UK Games Charts 2010 Week 9 - Bad Companies 4 Lyfe News

DICE's sequel outsells original Bad Company almost 3:1

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Heavy Rain Stock Shortages as PS3 Problems Persist News

Sony delighted by Heavy Rain

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Japan Software Charts: Heavy Rain Pours In News

Resident Evil 5 takes top spot.

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SPOnG's VidCast - Episode 1 Feature

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Two people - One Game

10 Feb 2010

Heavy Rain Review

A plot in the dark

10 Feb 2010

Get Heavy Rain Demo by Cheating News

You kids, so impatient

05 Feb 2010

Sony Official: Heavy Rain Demo - 'Should Be' - Feb 11th News

Prepare for a movie-art-emotion-roller-coaster erm... demo

22 Jan 2010

Cage Doesn't Want a Heavy Rain Sequel News

Characters have done their thing.

18 Jan 2010

Heavy Rain DLC Will Be Blinding News

Play as a blind man in weekly episode updates.

14 Jan 2010

Heavy Rain Censorship: Just as Quantic Intended News

No ratings censorship, watch out Australia

12 Jan 2010

Heavy Rain - Real UK & US Release Dates News

Not 16th as widely reported but not by us.

08 Jan 2010

SPOnG's Cult Games Of 2010 Feature

The overlooked and totally crazy!

08 Jan 2010

Qore Wrong: SCEE To Announce Heavy Rain Release Date Today News

Qore reveals incorrect US release date.

08 Jan 2010

Heavy Rain Gets Street Date Unofficially News

February 26th to you.

06 Jan 2010

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Heavy Rain - Heavy Game Play Video News

Milo like scary kid...

19 Oct 2009

Heavy Rain has 20 Endings News

But you're still in command

08 Jul 2009

Inside Heavy Rain Interview

Quantic Dream's CEO, Guillaume de Fondaumière

08 Jul 2009

Exclusive: Heavy Rain Not 'In line' with Trophies News

But support is coming

29 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Heavy Rain Video Falls News

Plus: new screens!

03 Jun 2009

Video: Heavy Rain Takes You to the Movies News

New character introduced

22 May 2009

Heavy Rain DLC News Already? News

Lots of ideas for DLC for an unreleased game

24 Feb 2009

Heavy Rain Screens Fall News

Quantic Dream thriller pictured here

07 Oct 2008

User Rated Game Top 10 Spellbinding? News

What the hell is Spellbound doing there?

12 Sep 2008

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