Quantic Dream Exploring Networked Game Development

Likely for PS4 project.

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Quantic Dream Exploring Networked Game Development
Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is looking for a lead online programmer, according to a fresh job listing posted on the studio's website.

The position seeks a "creative lead online programmer with a passion for online gaming in order to be with us for our future AAA projects... to set up and manage a team dedicated to our online / network developments."

Quantic Dream has previously revealed that it is working on a PlayStation 4 title in addition to the upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls. It is likely that this new position will be assigned to the company's next-generation efforts - particularly given the sharing and social networking features of the new console.

But could it mean a toe dipping into the multiplayer space, for a studio best known for single-player cinematic experiences? Time can only tell.

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