Doctor Who Man: Heavy Rain Flawed

Revolution Software star talks Quantic Dream.

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Doctor Who Man: Heavy Rain Flawed
Acclaimed developer and Doctor Who game consultant, Charles Cecil, has been playing Heavy Rain. His opinion on the game is mixed - on the one hand "a work of absolute genius," while on the other hand "deeply flawed."

A man with several classic adventure games under his belt, Cecil was asked in a recent interview why he felt that Heavy Rain wasn't exactly computer game material; "Without spoiling anything, you discover something at the end thatís incredibly important about one of the characters youíve been playing, which creates an incredible disconnect between the audience and the character Ė and I think that is deeply, deeply flawed.

"It would have worked in a film, itís a great film technique but it should never have been brought over to games, and David [Cage] and his team should have probably seen that. But I do think itís a brilliant game."

What could he possibly be talking about? Well er, in the interests of not spoiling it for those who haven't played the narrative-heavy game, we won't exactly say. But we can't exactly say we disagree, really.

Cecil, who runs Revolution Software, did have some good things to say about the Quantic Dream team. "I really admire David Cage, his team and the work they have done. I think itís good for the adventure game, I think itís good for the industry overall. What Iím personally very interested in is the relationship the audience has with the character they control."

SPOnG also spoke to Charles Cecil - the interview will be going live later today.


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