Fable II - Xbox 360

Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing

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Fable Ii and Halo Wars Join The Classics Collection Press Release

Expanded Classics range brings blockbuster titles at budget prices

05 Feb 2010

Fable II Ep' 1: Downloadable for Free Now News

1.79Gb of free fun

29 Sep 2009

GamesCom '09: Fable II gets Episodic Treatment News

The first one always comes free...

19 Aug 2009

GamesCom '09: Peter Molyneux "Serious this Time" with Fable III News

Game announced... details here.

19 Aug 2009

Compassion or Cruelty? The Race for the Crown of Albion Begins in “Fable III” Exclusively on Xbox 360 Press Release

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios unveil a thrilling new adventure in the “Fable” franchise, while introducing episodic distribution of “Fable II”

19 Aug 2009

Fable II: See the Future DLC - Here's Hoping It Works News

The return of Murgo

12 May 2009

Molyneux: GTA Death "Super Frustrating" News

Fable death "tedious"

30 Mar 2009

Molyneux: Microsoft Set Me Free News

More than Fable coming from Lionhead

23 Mar 2009

Molyneux: I am 'Awful at Developing Games' News

Plus: "I’m famously awful at developing games" says Lionhead boss

17 Mar 2009

Jonathan Ross Announces Fable III News

Ross and Charlie Brooker to star: a Twitter story...

11 Mar 2009

Super Mario Galaxy's Best Game BAFTA News

Grand Theft Auto IV walks away...

11 Mar 2009

Call of Duty 4 Leads BAFTA Nominations News

GTA IV and Fable II close behind

10 Feb 2009

Lionhead Not Doing Fable 2 PC News

Microsoft pulling back from PC gaming?

27 Jan 2009

Fable 2 DLC Finally Dated News

Coming next week

09 Jan 2009

Fable II Knothole DLC Delayed News

Difficulties lead to unhappy Crimble

18 Dec 2008

Bets on for Xmas Number 1 News

Ladbrookes open the book

12 Dec 2008

Splash Damage gets Syphon Filter Dude News

He's also Lionhead's Fable II lead designer.

08 Dec 2008

Fable II's Non-Announcement Announcement News

Feeble or fabled?

11 Nov 2008

Fable II Review

The actual money made me feel a little sleazy

06 Nov 2008

UK Video Game Charts: PES gets a Fabled Kicking News

Xbox 360 exclusive ahoy

28 Oct 2008

Lionhead Peter Molyneux Interview

People were never going to listen to me again

21 Oct 2008

Lionhead Peter Molyneux: Developer Massacre is Over News

We're all professional now

21 Oct 2008

Fable II Street Date Broken Down Under News

Because K-Mart can

16 Oct 2008

Fable 2 Gets Day One Co-op Patch News

Should it have been in-game?

10 Oct 2008

Fable 2 Goes Gold News

On track for October

23 Sep 2008

User Rated Game Top 10 Spellbinding? News

What the hell is Spellbound doing there?

12 Sep 2008

Fableous New Fable 2 Screens News

With fog and that

26 Aug 2008

Microsoft's GTA IV DLC Confirmation News

and Leipzig line up.

20 Aug 2008

Reality or Fable II Firmly Dated? News

Special Super Ultimate Limited Collector's Special Rare Edition detailed

08 Aug 2008

Master Chief in Fable II Fun News

It's not all war, war, war

10 Jul 2008

Microsoft Announces “Gears of War 2” Ships This November Press Release

The world’s hottest developers pave the way for a bumper year with a blockbuster line-up

21 Feb 2008

New Fable 2 Art Trundles Into View News

How not to use a bucket...

04 Feb 2008

Xbox Live Schappert and Lionhead Molyneux's GDC Revelations News

First major Microsoft keynote since '05.

16 Jan 2008

Peter Molyneux: Traditional RPGs "Meaningless" News

So is Fable 2 going to be any different?

15 Aug 2007

Lionhead Has A Fable-ous Birthday: Video Here News

The wonders of one-button combat

31 Jul 2007

Fable 2: First Screens! News

PLUS: New details

11 Jul 2007

Peter Molyneux: Think "Death" For Fable 2 News

Molyneux gets morbid

21 May 2007

GDC: Fable 2 - Molyneux 'Perhaps I’m in The Wrong Business' News

Yes, the dog that ate Nintendogs...

08 Mar 2007

Molyneux on Vista, Live Anywhere and Working for The Man News

Peter Molyneux – the exclusive SPOnG interview. Live, now.

07 Aug 2006

Peter Molyneux talks exclusively with SPOnG Interview

Our favourite multi-millionaire developer speaks

07 Aug 2006

Exclusive: Molyneux on Fable 2 News

And more cagey about how much cash Microsoft gave him.

03 Aug 2006

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