John Riccitiello

Born: 1959

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Ex-EA CEO Warns Dev About the 'Road to Ruin' News

John Riccitiello advising against pursuing graphics over gameplay

31 Jul 2013

Peter Moore Hits Back at "Smug" Riccitiello Exit Jokes News

Reacts to article listing 'Best Jokes Twitter Has to Offer'.

19 Mar 2013

Analysts on What Pushed EA's Riccitiello to Resignation News

Star Wars and talent jumping ship.

19 Mar 2013

EA CEO John Riccitiello Quits - Read His Resignation Here News

John Riccitiello resigns, blames himself for less that wonderful EA results

19 Mar 2013

EA's Riccitiello: No Link Between Video Games & Violence News

But the public's perception differs radically...

31 Jan 2013

EA's Riccitiello Gets Executive Help as New VP Appointed News

John Riccitiello gets a huge vote of confidence

31 Jul 2012

Pachter Says EA CEO is "Worried About Being Fired" News

Analyst opens up about private conversation with CEO

10 Jul 2012

Remembered: EA's CEO and Charging for In-Game Ammo News

Micro-transactions lead EA's John Riccitiello to charge for Battlefield Reloads

03 Jul 2012

EA Has Invested Half a BILLION Dollars in Star Wars News

And Bioware was attracted by working with Riccitiello

17 Jan 2012

EA Slams Competitors: They Can't Do Mulit-Platform Games News

John Riccitiello slams the competition

28 Oct 2011

EA President Loves Wii U and 'Swizzle Sticks' News

John Riccitiello almost sounds like a real gamer

11 Jul 2011

EA's Riccitiello - Modern Warfare has 'Jumped the Shark' News

It's like the Disneyland of war games he says about Activision game

17 Jun 2011

Riccitiello On Kotick: We Got His Goat News

Modern Warfare vs Battlefield gets more childish

13 Jun 2011

E3 2011 Nintendo - Darksiders 2, Assassin's Creed and Arkham City for Wii U News

Darksiders 2, Assassin's Creed and Arkham City for Wii U!

07 Jun 2011

Fighty Talk News: EA: We're Taking Call of Duty Down News

Riccitiello goes all fighty

07 Apr 2011

EA: We Dropped The Ball - But We're Still the Best News

Online pass and free-to-play concepts making money.

16 Feb 2011

EA: Digital Sales Will Overtake Retail in 2011 News

Plus: $5000 a month from certain FIFA Ultimate Team users.

10 Jan 2011

EA Riccitiello: I Don't Like Gesture-Based Driving Games News

Motion control will remain a niche.

05 Jan 2011

EA Boss Has No Sympathy for Activision's Kotick News

Pins them for their "horrific mistakes"

22 Dec 2010

EA's Riccitiello: Nintendo Wii Needs Better Third-Party Support News

Sees price cut as a necessity for Nintendo

17 Dec 2010

Riccitiello Makes About-Turn on Harmonix Comments News

Says the studio is one of the great developers of all time.

01 Dec 2010

EA: Tiger Woods Needs to Win to Keep Sponsorship News

If performance keeps dropping, publisher may reconsider deal.

01 Dec 2010

EA: We Put Need For Speed Studio on 'Death March' News

Candid comments from CEO on the state of the racing series.

21 Sep 2010

EA's Riccitiello: Journalist to Blame for Taliban Uproar News

EA CEO is surprised by the kerfuffle

16 Sep 2010

EA's Riccitiello: We Have Multiplayer Advantage over Modern Warfare 2 News

From the look him, JR sure puts in the hours

03 Dec 2009

EA: Digital Market One Year from Dominance News

CEO John Riccitiello says casual digital market earned EA $138m in last quarter alone.

02 Dec 2009

EA: The Market is Below 40 Million Wiis News

Frustration from publisher at platform's cash-producing ability

11 Nov 2009

Analyst Calls Video Games Publishers' Bluff News

Who to believe?

14 Sep 2009

Electronic Arts: Cost Control a Priority News

Spintastic news from EA

11 Sep 2009

Electronic Arts Helps Out Sony News

Praises price cut.

20 Aug 2009

Activision vs EA vs Take Two: CEO Earnings Check News

Who gets the big bucks - and why does Take Two's Feder only earn one dollar?

11 Aug 2009

Electronic Arts Riccitiello: Why I'd Love Pirates News

JR gets humorous on piratical asses

23 Jun 2009

Need for Speed and Burnout Not Merging News

Criterion to develop next NFS as cries of relief ring out!

11 Jun 2009

EA: Thank God Microsoft Paid for Natal and Not Us News

Motion control to take half games market

10 Jun 2009

EA: One Billion Gamers Coming Soon News

Two years to go...

05 Jun 2009

Electronic Arts: Our Titles Didn't Perform News

Riccitiello owns up.

04 Feb 2009

EA's Riccitiello: Giving a Shit about Quality News

Plus: lack of clarity No 1 cause of bad games

21 Jan 2009

Electronic Arts: We Don't Want Grand Theft Auto News

Take-Two still in talks with other parties

15 Sep 2008

EA, Ubisoft and SEGA: Bring Back the Old E3 News

E3 criticised by major publishers

21 Jul 2008

EA Wanted To Buy World of Warcraft News

Riccitiello postures in face of Activision Blizzard merger

18 Jul 2008

Electronic Arts' Godfather II is GTA-a-Like News

EA just loves that GTA thing

18 Jun 2008

Electronic Arts: Take Two is Cooperating News

Not about GTA per se

18 Jun 2008

Hollywood Bites Back at Electronic Arts' Riccitiello News

Bioshock and Assassin's Creed to becomes movies?

15 Apr 2008

Riccitiello: EA Will be the One Great Video Game Company News

Rockstar will be a city-state

14 Apr 2008

Take-Two versus EA - Price Battle!! News

Who really stands to win?

26 Feb 2008

Take-Two Spurns Aggressive Electronic Arts Take Over News

EA eyes up hostile takeover

25 Feb 2008

EA: Development Cost Leading to "Creative Failure" News

EA's CEO takes a look at the games publishing model

11 Feb 2008

Electronic Arts Says Sony Is Back On Track News

Publisher struggling with Wii

04 Dec 2007

EA: Fewer Games Mergers In Future News

Industry already "picked"

03 Dec 2007

EA: Games Pricing Structure Has To Change News

New revenue model needed

01 Nov 2007

EA Buys Pandemic And Bioware News

Bono sells them off

12 Oct 2007

EA And Microsoft Bossmen To Keynote DICE 2008 News

Leading industry summit event to rock Vegas in February

05 Oct 2007

Electronic Arts Chief: We’re Boring People To Death News

Goes Ratner in the Wall Street Journal

09 Jul 2007

Hatchetman Leaves Bono Comes To EA News

In with the old out with the old…

27 Feb 2007

EA in Shock: John Riccitiello Walks! News

President and COO resigns - Probst fills the void until after E3.

08 Apr 2004

Sony: ‘One million PlayStation 2 online users by April’ News

Online gears up as next phase looms.

13 Mar 2003

Electronic Arts continues assimilation en-masse, fully swallowing Westwood News

Centralisation at EA gathers pace

29 Nov 2001

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