Ex-EA CEO Warns Dev About the 'Road to Ruin'

John Riccitiello advising against pursuing graphics over gameplay

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Ex-EA CEO Warns Dev About the 'Road to Ruin'
Maybe what follows is one of the reasons that the board of Electronic Arts asked former EA CEO John Riccitello to seek fresh challenges outside of the company earlier this year..

The now free man was speaking at the recent Casual Connect conference in the USA - an event that, as the name suggests, focuses on making games that appeal to everyday folk and not the deeply, deeply committed hardcore gamer. His opinion is, however, worth a few minutes of the hardcore gamer's time.

"I've visited with many developers since I left EA," he said, "Many have told me they want to bring console level graphics to mobile, and that will make them better. I tell them investing in better graphics without a better game is a road to ruin."

Gulp. Well, yes exactly. Is this opinion why EA could be alleged by people who know no better to have "offed" him? Surely not.

He continued, "One bit of advice as you're looking at more powerful mobile. Think about how that allows you to create an experience you haven't seen before. What game mechanic wasn't possible before?" Developers that find good answers to that question will do well."

Double gulp... but so say all of us.

Mr Riccitiello was interviewed by John Gaudiosi.


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