Gran Turismo 4 - PS2

Also known as: 'GT4'
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Simulation: Car Racing

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Learned to drive thanks to games, claims mother.

19 Jan 2007

PS3 Not So Backward News

Well, not so backwardly compatible…

14 Nov 2006

Gran Turismo: Official Kazunori Yamauchi interview Interview

Wow - Look at us!

13 Oct 2005

Piggyback Announces Gran Turismo 4 Official Guide Press Release

Online League Goes Live on March 11th 2005.

11 Mar 2005

Gran Turismo 4 Races Past the Three Million Mark Press Release

Racing game sets new record for PlayStation 2.

09 Mar 2005

Gran Turismo 4: It’s coming out on this date in Europe – Honest! News

Latest release date for Polyphony joy machine offered

31 Jan 2005

GT4 suffers critical Stateside slip News

As predicted yesterday – PAL release drifts…

19 Nov 2004

Two amazing things happened this morning News

The sun came up and Gran Turismo 4 was delayed again

18 Nov 2004

Gran Turismo 4 US version goes gold – PSP GT details emerge News

More fallout for the GT conference inside

11 Nov 2004

Nike, a magic camera and Gran Turismo – Shots and explanation inside News

Don’t forget the magic t-shirt and trainers too – Oh, and the suitcase…

10 Nov 2004

Sony reveals first PSTwo value bundle News

Japan gets PS2 Racing Pack: revamped console + GT4

26 Oct 2004

Gran Turismo 4 and Killzone get PAL release dates News

Sony's killer apps cue up

25 Oct 2004

GT4 slips again until 2005, still without online play! News

The Polyphonic saga continues...

21 Oct 2004

SCE’s Online Dreams in Tatters as Gran Turismo 4 Rushed Out Minus ‘Net Play News

Sony and Polyphony hack down their masterwork

24 Sep 2004

GT4 screens – Polyphony masterwork shows depth to beauty News

Snow rally and vintage joy inside

22 Sep 2004

GT4 Delayed In Japan, Launch Pushed Back Until 2005? News

Alterations to Sony calendar point to possible slippage

20 Sep 2004

GT4 On Track For This Year – Kaz Commits News

With a US-first policy no less

10 Sep 2004

GT4 ports to PSP with possible delay for key launch title? News

Sony races out handheld version of Gran Turismo.

09 Aug 2004

SCEE Reveals Monumental Q4 Release Schedule News

Make your PS2’s Christmas a happy one.

23 Jul 2004

Gran Turismo 4 Photo mode devastates News

Polyphony USB bonus for petrol fetishists

06 Jul 2004

Best of E3 Awards Nominations News

Behold the greatness!

26 May 2004

E3 Round-up: West Hall uncovered: Nintendo genius overpowers Sony News

Hardware dominated, Nintendo Sony contrast unmissable to all

13 May 2004

GT4 Roars Into View News

Screens of Mean Machines.

12 May 2004

Gran Turismo 4: Latest Screens! News

Polyphony's petrol fetish shows the future.

27 Apr 2004

Gran Turismo 4 Prologue Europe-bound News

Aperitif racer to bridge online dev-strife.

22 Mar 2004

Polyphony Fails to Deliver as Gran Turismo 4 Slides Yet Again! News

Ongoing online issues blighting biggest game ever.

20 Feb 2004

Gran Turismo 4 Off Track News

SCEE confirms new summer date

09 Jan 2004

Tales of Piracy, Sanctions and Terrorism come to a Close – PlayStation 2 Launches in China News

2004 starts well for long-ignored gaming population.

07 Jan 2004

Gran Turismo 4: Prologue impressions News

Game busted open: Kazunori triumphs again

29 Dec 2003

First Playable Gran Turismo 4 Recalled News

Steering wheel bug sees replacement discs ship.

22 Dec 2003

The Golden short-list Press Release

The final short-list of nominees is announced for the Computer and Video Games Golden Joystick Awards 2003.

24 Oct 2003

Polyphony – Taking the absolute petrol out of everyone News

GT4: Prologue line-up a joke. Why bother with anything else…?

23 Oct 2003

Sony denies Motorbike GT4 despite visual evidence News

Man with funny name makes comment

10 Oct 2003

Motorbikes to feature in Gran Turismo 4! Stop everything! News

Bigger than the F1 shock, two wheel action revs up

09 Oct 2003

Gran Turismo 4 bonus disc details, plus GT4 double disc package revelation News

Enjoy a petrol aperitif courtesy of Polyphony.

26 Sep 2003

Exclusive: Sony Europe brakes (sic) GT4 slippage silence News

The game’s up: key title out of view

24 Sep 2003

ECTS - Gran Turismo 4 News

More heavenly racing from Polyphony

27 Aug 2003

PlayStation Experience line-up finalised News

Here’s what you get for your six doubloons.

27 Aug 2003

Polyphony: 'Ha ha, check out what we do!' News

Bah! There are jobs and there are jobs. And there's hammering racing cars about all day long

01 Aug 2003

Sony shows massive PlayStation 2 schedule News

Everything form a diddle-eye Joe to a damned if we know

30 Jul 2003

Microsoft poised to move key driving sim away from Sega News

Kudos and history not enough to challenge Polyphony.

01 Jul 2003

Thirty games… one week… eight fingers… two thumbs… no brainer Press Release

Edinburgh International Games Festival’s 'Go Play Games' to offer visitors opportunity to enjoy hands-on experience of the best of contemporary gaming

27 Jun 2003

Playable Gran Turismo 4 confirmed for London show News

Seminal driving update on show at PlayStation experience.

23 Jun 2003

Gran Turismo 4 truths see figure backdown News

Polyphony reveals still-impressive final stats.

13 Jun 2003

E3 Awards announced News

Non-playable games sweep the board.

11 Jun 2003

Gran Turismo 4 is PlayStation 2 Swansong News

Kazunori closes PS2 doors

20 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 In Pole Position News

The gran-daddy of racing games revealed

15 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 screens News

Publishing blunder sees embargo split like a kipper.

06 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 to feature 2,000 cars and over 100 tracks News

Japanese rumours suggest the next one is going to be big!

14 Apr 2003

Gran Turismo 4 in Volkswagen deal News

Driving aid signed by Germans.

01 Apr 2003

Polyphony: “Car damage possible in Gran Turismo 4” News

Car manufacturers still undecided.

12 Mar 2003

No playable Gran Turismo 4 at this year’s E3? News

SCEE insiders doubt Polyphony racers chance of open play – must read!

27 Feb 2003

Gran Turismo 4 update News

Dirty secret acknowledged as Polyphony reaches milestone.

28 Nov 2002

Gran Turismo 4 Confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Speculation put to rest as Gran Turismo returns to its rightful home.

15 Apr 2002

SCE confirms Gran Turismo for PC! News

Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have announced the existence of a Gran Turismo game for PC!

28 Jan 2002

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