Piggyback Announces Gran Turismo 4 Official Guide

Online League Goes Live on March 11th 2005.

Posted by Staff
Piggyback Announces Gran Turismo 4 Official Guide
Piggyback, Europe’s leading official guide publisher and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have redefined game guide development by inviting millions of players to compete in the Gran Turismo 4 Online League. The Online League will enable the most seasoned Gran Turismo 4 players to provide thousands of hours of driving experience and winning tactics, which will then be evaluated by the Piggyback authors and integrated into specific sections of the 310 page Gran Turismo 4 Official Guide. The end result will be the most complete game guide in the world.

From 11th March 2005, www.piggybackinteractive.com will open a new Gran Turismo 4 track daily for seven consecutive weeks. Contestants will compete, track for track against other Gran Turismo 4 players, gauge their own rankings and progress whilst evaluating the class of their challengers. The winners of each track will collect points, creating a league over the 50 tracks of the game.

Louie Beatty, Managing Director of Piggyback commented “The Online League is the first of its kind and offers strong technical and tactical benefits to all Gran Turismo 4 players and Gran Turismo 4 Official Guide readers”. Beatty continued “Planned for release in May 2005, the Gran Turismo 4 Official Guide is being written by the largest guide editorial team ever assembled at Piggyback. Adding input from the Online League will result in a 310 page landmark book, the most complete strategy guide ever published.”

Jason Fitzgerald, Product Manager of Gran Turismo 4 at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe added “Gran Turismo 4 is one of the largest videogames ever published. It is a monumental achievement to offer millions of Gran Turismo 4 drivers across PAL territories a 100% complete 310 page driver’s manual. This book will guide players through all details of the vast Gran Turismo world.” Fitzgerald continued ”Putting Gran Turismo 4 drivers in touch with Gran Turismo 4 drivers online will enable all fans of the game to benefit from thousands of road-testing hours in the Official Guide and to fast-track to Gold.”