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Greenberg Sure Kinect Launch will Beat Wii News

Doesn't see device shifting in droves upon launch

29 Oct 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg Slams Move Games as Ports News

Move's games are "controller-based" with motion controls shoehorned into them.

20 Sep 2010

Peter Molyneux on Groinal Touching and Aaron Greenberg News

And narrative for Milo

30 Jun 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg Backtracks on 'No Milo Game' Comments News

It actually is coming out, apparently. Just not this year.

30 Jun 2010

Aaron Greenberg Dismisses $200 Natal News

Greenberg speaks in straight line.

18 May 2010

Sony And Microsoft Respond To NPD Sales News

And they're both very happy indeed. Naturally.

16 Apr 2010

Microsoft: Natal for 'Lifestyle Experiences' News

Remember when games were games?

31 Mar 2010

Greenberg Clarifies Xbox vs PS3 Install Base Comment News

No, he certainly didn't say or mean worldwide sales.

16 Mar 2010

Microsoft: No Blu-ray Helped Xbox 360 Double PS3 Install Base News

Apparently Microsoft is the only one betting on digital distribution.

16 Mar 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg: Xbox 360 Can Do All Games News

Even God of War III

12 Mar 2010

Microsoft: Xbox 360 'Fully 3D Capable' News

Company says it will support the tech if people want it.

13 Jan 2010

Microsoft: Natal is No Wii News

Natal's Brand New Experience

11 Jan 2010

Microsoft: We'll Outsell PS3 for Entire Generation News

Aaron Greenberg expects Sony's console to do well in September.

16 Oct 2009

Microsoft: Xbox & PS3 Price Cuts No Long Term Impact News

And the greatest quote ever.

21 Sep 2009

Microsoft Xbox 360 Price Cut Planned 'Years' Ago News

No plans for 360 slim

27 Aug 2009

Microsoft: 'Most' Xbox 360 RRODs in the Past News

Let's hope the lower cost ones are.

27 Aug 2009

Unshock: Microsoft Denies 2010 Xbox 720 Natal News

Does news report based on 1UP hacks talking to each other prove less than false?

17 Jun 2009

Microsoft Almost Rains on Xbox 720 Natal Rumour News

Confirms Natal for 360, though no firm denial of 720 natter

16 Jun 2009

Aaron Greenberg on Project Natal: Like Pins'n'Needles News

An explanation even we can understand.

08 Jun 2009

Microsoft: PS2 Gamers Jumping to Xbox 360 News

PlayStation "haemorrhaging"

20 Mar 2009

Xbox 360: Worst of RROD Behind Us News

Aaron Greenberg gives the good news.

18 Feb 2009

Fight! Microsoft Calls Sony Old News

Sony getting complacent

21 Jan 2009

Microsoft: Three-Horse Race - Two Winners News

Greenberg says it's a two-horse race

12 Jan 2009

Microsoft: More on Wii Competing News

And Home sucks.

11 Dec 2008

Microsoft: PS3 European Lead "Not Based on Actual Data" News

The Sony/Microsoft blizzard continues

16 May 2008

Microsoft: PlayStation Network Needs More Work News

Xbox Live product manager likes things slow and simple

14 Jun 2007

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