FIFA 14 - PS4

Also known as: 'FIFA 14: Legacy Edition', 'FIFA 14: Ultimate Edition'
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Sport: Football - Soccer

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06 Feb 2014

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The Tournament’s Officially Licensed Videogame Hits Shelves on April 15 in North America and April 17 in Europe

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30 Sep 2013

FIFA 14 Getting Patched News

EA is using demo feedback to make its PES competitor competitive.

25 Sep 2013

FIFA 14 on 3DS "No Upgrades or New Game Modes" News

So, just the same as last year, but give EA your money anyway.

23 Sep 2013

FIFA 14 Demo Coming Tomorrow News

FIFA 14 Achievements list here as September 10th demo news hits

09 Sep 2013

Now Only Xbox One Day One Editions Get Free FIFA 14 News

Microsoft changes plans

02 Sep 2013

Vita's FIFA 14 is The Same Game As Last Year... Again... News

Should the game be cheaper?

22 Aug 2013

FIFA 14 Bundled Free with Xbox One News

Rumour has it that Microsoft and EA are teaming up for an exclusive launch deal

20 Aug 2013

FIFA 14 Heats Up Fight with PES - Video News

EA Sports going all out in this year's soccer war

07 Aug 2013

Gareth Bale Interview Transcript: FIFA 14 Cover Reveal Press Release

Gareth Bale will appear on the front cover of EA SPORTS FIFA 14, pre-order the exclusive limited edition version from before August 1st to receive 24 FIFA Ultimate Team Premium Gold Packs and a host of other free content

16 Jul 2013

EA Sports Hopes to "Not Screw Up" Next-Gen Transition News

Aims to do better than it did last-gen.

21 Jun 2013

FIFA 14 producer Sebastian Enrique Interview

In terms of human behaviour... you must adapt

06 Jun 2013

FIFA 14 First Look

It’s the next generation of footy games. The Ignite engine! PS4, Xbox One!

06 Jun 2013

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coming to PS4 News

Mode won't be Xbox One exclusive.

23 May 2013

New EA Sports Ignite Engine To Power EA Sports Games On Next Generation Consoles Press Release

Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, NBA LIVE 14 and EA SPORTS UFC to Launch Within Next 12 Months

22 May 2013

FIFA 14 to Get 'Speed' Fixes and UI Changes News

Based on player feedback.

07 May 2013

EA Sports on FIFA 14 Interview

Producer Sebastian Enrique on learning from others.

04 May 2013

News and Video - FIFA 14 - Soccer but Not for Wii U News

New FIFA game does not include details for the Wii U version.

17 Apr 2013

EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Captures the Emotion of Scoring Great Goals Press Release

Innovations Inspire Midfield Build Up And Rewarding Finishing

17 Apr 2013

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