FIFA 14 Getting Patched

EA is using demo feedback to make its PES competitor competitive.

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FIFA 14 Getting Patched
Electronic Arts has finally found a use for Demos. If you listen to people telling what doesn't work in the demo... hell you can fix it in the finished game: in this case FIFA 14's getting a Title patch.

Many people think that Title patches are a sign of weakness, of rushing a game out in time for Xmas or somesuch. We think a Title patch can be very useful for making a game not rubbish. Here's what EA has to say.

"Upon starting up FIFA 14 for the first time you'll notice a title update will be made available. The update addresses stability issues found in the closed beta and minor fixes to a couple game mode (Skill Games, Creation Centre) items. Please, if you haven?t done so already, be sure to restart and download the title update in an active session as this will enhance stability when matching up with other players online who have accepted the update. "

Based on demo and closed beta feedback, the company is also looking to improve:

? The effectiveness of headers from corner kicks and crosses.
? The effectiveness of finesse shots.
? The accuracy of lofted through-balls.

EA is also "aware that some users are experiencing freezes during the game. We continue to investigate these reports internally, and with our partners, and will update the community when we know more. "

Source: EA


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