FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coming to PS4

Mode won't be Xbox One exclusive.

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coming to PS4
Looks like FIFA 14's Ultimate Team mode won't be exclusive to Xbox One after all. Electronic Arts has revealed that the popular mode is also being developed for the PlayStation 4.

During Microsoft's Xbox Reveal event on Tuesday, EA Sports' Andrew Wilson suggested that Ultimate Team would be an exclusive feature for the Xbox One. A later statement from the publisher instead said that, "Ultimate Team is being developed for both Xbox One and PS4."

Having said that, apparently the Xbox One version of Ultimate Team will come with some exclusive features that the PS4 version won't have. What those features are have not yet been revealed. So... instead of exclusive DLC for multi-platform games, we're now looking at exclusive features in multi-platform DLC for multi-platform games. Good Lord.



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