Vita's FIFA 14 is The Same Game As Last Year... Again...

Should the game be cheaper?

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Vita's FIFA 14 is The Same Game As Last Year... Again...
Last year, we reported that EA were just re-releasing FIFA 12 with the number 13 on the box for the Wii, and that the Vita version was "nothing more than FIFA Football" which was released as a launch title.

Well, they've only gone and done the same again. Yep, FIFA 14 for the PS Vita is actually just going to be FIFA 13 with a few new players and kits...

If you read the article from last year, you'll have picked up on the quote: FIFA 13 has "the same great gameplay". Erm, Mr. David Rutter of EA Sports told Eurogamer that FIFA 14 is indeed "the same great gameplay and new kits.".

Does anyone else see a pattern here? If we're essentially just buying the same game over and over, it should be getting cheaper and cheaper, surely? Post your thoughts below!

Source: Eurogamer


ergo 22 Aug 2013 09:56
Perhaps you should stop buying the same game over and over, then? Or had that not occurred to anyone? Ah, the 'fun' of exclusive licensing deals! Might Spong take a second and speak out about how a lack of competition leads to nonsense like this? Per chance?

(Given Spong's notoriously labor-leaning chicanery, however, I'm sure "competition" is a dirty word much like "Tory".)
realvictory 22 Aug 2013 12:09
Yeah. If people are willing to buy it, why stop doing it?
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