Duke Nukem Forever - Mac

Also known as: 'Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel'
Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up

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3D realms forced into apology to Gearbox over rubbish game

16 Sep 2013

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03 Jan 2013

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29 Dec 2011

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31 Aug 2011

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There may be life in the old duke yet

22 Aug 2011

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Zelnick is upbeat

09 Aug 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Hurts Take Two but L.A. Noire Helps News

Swings and indeed roundabouts

06 Jul 2011

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Yes, more Duke Nukem

21 Jun 2011

Gearbox Pitchford: Customers Sometimes Don't Want Quality News

At last - an honest assessment of the industry

17 Jun 2011

2k Games 'No Comment' on Eurogamer Claims of Blacklisting News

Duke Nukem review backlash

16 Jun 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Review

Worth the resale if you're gifted it

15 Jun 2011

2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce That the Wait Is Over - Duke Nukem Forever® Is Now Available Press Release

What was once thought unobtainable is now available in stores worldwide – always bet on Duke. Always!

10 Jun 2011

Duke Nukem Demo for June - But You Must Pre-Order News

Try before you buy dies...

17 May 2011

Randy Pitchford at BAFTA Feature

Gearbox CEO chats about Duke, Borderlands and the future...

13 May 2011

Pitchford: Most Gaming Heroes Now are Pussies News

The Duke "doesn't have any problems."

12 May 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Preview

The Multiplayer Sessions

10 May 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Trailer: Pixelated Boobs News

Look! Look! Virtual girlies! Look!

08 Apr 2011

Duke Nukem "No Actual Depiction Of The Sex Act" News

But there's heaps of FILTHY talk!

02 Mar 2011

Duke Nukem Forever - Marketing VP, Steve Gibson Interview

Being Han Solo to 3D Realms' Luke Skywalker

11 Feb 2011

Gearbox: Gears, CoD, Halo are "Shades of Brown" News

All the competitors are living in Brown Town.

11 Feb 2011

Gearbox Confirms Borderlands 2 News

But what about Duke Nukem?

10 Feb 2011

Take 2's Suffers in GTA Free Holiday News

But the outlook for 2010 is goood.

09 Feb 2011

Holy Crap, it's a Duke Nukem Forever Release Date! News

We're not even kidding

21 Jan 2011

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20 sequels you'll be wanting to play this year!

07 Jan 2011

Pitchford: Duke Nukem Bigger than Modern Warfare News

Single player that is...

14 Oct 2010

Gearbox Pitchford: Cancelled Duke Nukem Broke My Heart News

3D Realms and T2 at a deadlock.

08 Oct 2010

Duke Nukem Forever Coming in 2011 News

It's aliiiiiiiive!

06 Sep 2010

2K's Big Announcement: See if it's Duke Nukem Here News

Footage streamed here

03 Sep 2010

Duke Nukem Forever: Voice Actor Hints At Revival News

"Read between the lines" as to why he's not allowed to talk about it.

06 Jan 2010

Duke Nukem Saga Slaps onto iPhone News

Unannounced games in development

09 Jun 2009

FIGHT! 3D Realms Goes After Take-Two News

Legal battle probably more exciting than game.

19 May 2009

Take Two Goes Legal on Duke Nukem Apogee News

Things get nasty

15 May 2009

3D Realms Duke Nuked News

Future of Duke Nukem Forever murky

07 May 2009

Duke Nukem Forever: Done, "When it's done" News

Gaming press given slight compliment.

08 Feb 2008

Duke Nukem Forever - Get Teased Inside News

New trailer within

20 Dec 2007

This Week In PC Games: Duke Nukem Screen, Theft, Spore And More News

Spore slips. Russian is nicked and more Duke!

22 Jun 2007

This Week in PC Gaming: Duke Nukem Hiring News

V-Tech Rampage, Second Life makeover and more...

23 May 2007

Duke Nukem to Return in Time for Xmas? News

Could it be? Amazon listing points to December release.

04 Oct 2005

3D Realms selects Meqon as physics provider for Duke Nukem Forever Press Release

Duke goes (Norr)köping.

27 Sep 2004

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