Manhunt 2 - PSP

Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure / Strategy: Stealth / Beat 'Em Up

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Manhunt 2 Finally Dated for UK News

Coming nearly a year after US release

06 Oct 2008

ELSPA: MP Vaz Rockstar's Greatest Marketing Man News

Plus: 'the magic 18' effect

03 Oct 2008

SEGA and Rockstar Deny Nintendo Release Dates News

At least no Manhunt 2

26 Jun 2008

Pro Game Censorship MP Claims to be 'The Public' News

Brazier doesn't like Manhunt 2.

20 Mar 2008

Rockstar's Lawyer Hints at Byron Review Details News

Criticises Video Appeals Committee

17 Mar 2008

Manhunt 2 Gets 18 Rating - Can be Sold in UK News

Video Appeals Council wins appeal

14 Mar 2008

High Court Slaughters Manhunt 2 News

Ramifications for censorship in the United Kingdom

25 Jan 2008

SPOnG's Review of 2007: May/June Feature

Rockstar choked by BBFC - Halo fever rises...

31 Dec 2007

SPOnG's Review of 2007: January/February Feature

Waiting for PlayStation 3 - WoW horde descends...

28 Dec 2007

Manhunt 2: Take 2's Top Man Comments News

Don't get too excited...

18 Dec 2007

No Sale: Manhunt 2 Going to the High Court News

UK video games really under threat now.. .

17 Dec 2007

BBFC Speaks: Manhunt 2 Still No Sale News

Video Appeals Committee clears appeal... BBFC has to rule

10 Dec 2007

Steve 'Interesting' Davis On Manhunt 2: "All Bollocks!" News

Wise words from The Nugget

10 Dec 2007

Take-Two CEO: Bookshops Are Worse Than Games News

Points finger at literature and web

28 Nov 2007

Manhunt 2 Appeal: BBFC Using Game As Line In Sand News

Manhunt 2 Appeal - BBFC finally states its case

27 Nov 2007

UPDATE: Play Dates Manhunt 2 Release News

Controversial game posted for purchase on UK site

27 Nov 2007

Rockstar To Present Manhunt 2 To Video Appeals Committee News

Will the saga never end?

19 Nov 2007

ESRB Defends Manhunt 2 News


05 Nov 2007

Hot Coffee 2 – Manhunt 2 Hacked News

PSP version un-edited

02 Nov 2007

Tanya Byron, Head Of The Government's Gaming Review Interview

On games, Violence and Children

26 Oct 2007

Manhunt 2 Launch Trailer Inside - Censorship Debate Summarised News

If you are squeamish, don’t look

25 Oct 2007

Manhunt 2 Can Be Sold To UK Gamers News

Legal loophole allows sale...

24 Oct 2007

Sony Stays Quiet On Manhunt Leak News

Rockstar to take legal action?

22 Oct 2007

SCEE Employee Leaked Manhunt 2 News

So says Take-Two

22 Oct 2007

Who Leaked Manhunt 2? News

Thousands playing it, claims a new 'investigation'

18 Oct 2007

BBFC Manhunt 2 Ban – Latest Update News

Banned game same cut as approved US version

12 Oct 2007

TV Psychologist Starts Violent Video Game Review Today News

The Tanya Byron Report On Violent Games Launches

09 Oct 2007

Rockstar Slams BBFC's Refusal To Rate Revised Manhunt 2 News

Haven't we been here before?

08 Oct 2007

BBFC Knocks Back Revised Manhunt 2 News

Get it on import this Halloween from the US

08 Oct 2007

BBFC Launches Website To Educate Adults News

Now, can Manhunt 2 get that 18-rating now please?

01 Oct 2007

SUDA51 Backs Down On Beating Manhunt 2 On Violence News

Maybe it's not the way we play...

21 Sep 2007

Government Responds To Manhunt 2 Petition News

"Not our problem"

18 Sep 2007

No Testicles in Pliers in Manhunt 2 Anymore News

Details of the new ratings-friendly Manhunt 2 inside

12 Sep 2007

Rockstar's L.A. Noire Not Out Until 2009 News

Nor is Mafia 2. Welcome to development hell.

11 Sep 2007

Common Sense Comments On Manhunt 2: Bandwagon Getting Full News

US 'child policy' organisation comments on mature rating

31 Aug 2007

Manhunt 2 Allowed On Sale In Holland News

Hooray for the last bastion of liberalism in Europe

30 Aug 2007

Manhunt 2: California Senator Hits Back At Rating Board News

42 out of 100 kids will still buy it, apparently

30 Aug 2007

ESRB Refuses To Detail Manhunt 2 Re-rating News

Stands by Mature rating in US

29 Aug 2007

Tory Leader On Video Games And Responsible Parenting News

David Cameron uses videogames to court 'Outraged, from Tunbridge Wells'

28 Aug 2007

Manhunt 2 Given ‘M’ Rating in US - Civil Liberty Restored News

Now, time for the BBFC to give it an 18-rating in the UK

24 Aug 2007

Rockstar Appeals Manhunt 2 Ban News

BBFC to be taken to task

01 Aug 2007

Disgruntled Ex-Rockstar Employee Spills (Hot Coffee) Beans News

'Life During Wartime Working at Rockstar Games'

26 Jul 2007

Bully: Scholarship Edition on Wii and Xbox 360 Soon News

Get set for some next gen bullying this Christmas

20 Jul 2007

Ex-ELSPA Bennett Slams Successor's Manhunt 2 Stance News

Roger Bennett, SPOnG salutes you

29 Jun 2007

Rockstar Thanks Fans for Support on Manhunt 2 News

Soon to announce plans to appeal BBFC's decision

29 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Petition on Prime Minister’s Website News

We the undersigned…

26 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Ban: Take 2 “Burned By Past” News

Ban a result of hot coffee splash-back?

25 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Is 'Fine Art' Says Rockstar Boss News

If a sliced up cow is fine art, then why not?

21 Jun 2007

Sony And Nintendo: No Manhunt On Our Platforms News

Adult-only rating forces platform holders' hands

21 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Rated ‘Adult Only’ in the States News

Still. Better than a blanket ban, eh?

20 Jun 2007

Rockstar Responds To Manhunt 2 Ban News

Disappointed... looking for diverse stories... no backdown

19 Jun 2007

ELSPA Director on Manhunt 2 Ban News

Paul Jackson, Director General of ELSPA speaks out

19 Jun 2007

BBFC On Manhunt 2 Ban: Rockstar To Appeal? News

“Under the terms of the Video Recordings Act distributors have the right to appeal.”

19 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Banned News

Illegal for Rockstar to sell the game in the UK. First ban for family-friendly Wii release?

19 Jun 2007

Florida Attorney General Targets Manhunt 2 On Wii News

Wii control system becomes a problem

07 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2: Evil New Trailer News

Here's looking at you, Jack

05 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Preview

Is this the most gruesome game ever?

04 May 2007

Manhunt 2: 11 New Scary Screens News

lock up your children, folks, Take-Two's at it again

02 May 2007

Manhunt 2: New Trailer Right Here News

And some new screens for afters

13 Apr 2007

Take 2 In Sale Drama News

The blood keeps on flowing

19 Mar 2007

Jack Thompson Praises God, Maker of Videogames News

Strikes back at Take Two’s attempts to gag him

19 Mar 2007

Take 2: Blood In The Boardroom News

GTA publisher could be swallowed by aggressive investor group on PS3 launch day

07 Mar 2007

Murder Victim's Parents Condemn Manhunt 2 News

Announcement made in anniversary month of son's death

08 Feb 2007

Manhunt 2 Baits Flailing Thompson and Media News

Rockstar announces current-gen remake of 'murder sim'

07 Feb 2007

Rockstar Games announces Manhunt 2 for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, and the WiiTM Press Release

For more information on Manhunt 2 please visit

07 Feb 2007

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