Rockstar To Present Manhunt 2 To Video Appeals Committee

Will the saga never end?

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Rockstar To Present Manhunt 2 To Video Appeals Committee
Rockstar Games is set to present its plea regarding the ongoing BBFC refusal to classify horror game Manhunt 2 to the UKís Video Appeals Committee next week.

Hopefully, this should see the return of a common-sense ruling on the game, which the BBFC should be forced into classifying as 18-rated.

SPOnG will of course be the first to bring you the news direct from the Manhunt 2 appeal next Monday 26th November, set to take place at Londonís The De Vere Hotel. We briefly toyed with the idea of pitching up outside with a big chainsaw and scary mask for a photoshoot/lark, but then we realised that the W1 Metropolitan Police are on heightened alert for both terrorists and weirdoes branding chainsaws, so we ditched the idea.

SPOnG has contacted Rockstar on this matter earlier today but as yet there is Ďno commentí.

Manhunt 2 is currently only available in the US, where it launched late last month on Halloween.

source: MCV


j kent 20 Nov 2007 07:55
im 100 % sure the ruling will be overturned theres no justification for the manhunt 2 ban. Good luck rockstar, if the appeal is sucessful release the uncut version!
hollywooda 20 Nov 2007 10:05
I don't like this game, Rockstar haven't bothered to make a solid game with Manhunt 2 & have just relied on the controversy of the waaaayy over the top violence to make it a hit. This isn't a good step forward for gaming in anyway.
BillBo 24 Nov 2007 08:26
The appeal is actually happening at:

De Vere
West One
9-10 Portland Place

if anybody fancies going.
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