Rez - Dreamcast

Also known as: 'K Project', 'K-Project'
Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up / Rhythm: Timing

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Rez creator now professor at Keio University.

17 Oct 2012

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Twitter page asks for potential demand.

29 Jan 2010

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03 Dec 2008

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Probably not in memoriam of the Fischer King.

28 Jan 2008

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New Every Extend Extra sequel on the way?

15 Nov 2007

Tetsuya Mizuguchi Interview

Rez creator talks mushrooms, music and media aesthetics

14 Nov 2007

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Plus: Mizuguchi proclaims his love for the Wii

18 Sep 2007

Rez And Ikaruga Announced For XBLA News

Best of the Dreamcast. On the Xbox.

12 Sep 2007

Mizuguchi Creating A Virtual Tokyo For Second Life News

With a virtual ski jump contest, no less...

05 Jul 2007

GDC Exclusive: Tetsuya Mizuguchi Interview

We don’t care just about the Japanese market

12 Mar 2007

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SPOnG catches up with one of our favourite developers

12 Mar 2007

Sex, Lies and Videogames News

It IS Valentines day after all

14 Feb 2007

Mizuguchi on Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll News

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19 Jan 2007

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Game design is too limited by marketing people...

18 Jan 2007

Exclusive: Video Interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi News

See it first right here on SPOnG - and download your Mizuguchi-designed screensavers PLUS your chance to WIN LUMINES II!

14 Nov 2006

Game On Exhibition – Industry Pioneers to Give Talks News

David Braben, Ian Livingstone and more speak out at the Science Museum

30 Oct 2006

World Exclusive: New Lumines II Trailer News

Latest on Mizuguchi’s labour of love inside

10 Oct 2006

Mizuguchi on Lumines, Sponges and Chewing Gum News

"All you need is inspiration", declares the Rez man.

13 Jul 2006

Mizuguchi: REZ 2 Licensing Deal With Sega May Happen News

Candid interview reveals potential return

12 Jun 2006

Tetsuya Mizuguchi. REZ 2. Sega. Fashion. News

Lumines and being over-rated

08 Jun 2006

Videogames: The Strangest Moments News

The strange, the weird and the downright rude

01 Jun 2006

Lumines 2 at E3 News

Rez creator's latest handheld puzzler.

26 Apr 2006

Rez on PSP Rumours News

Mizuguchi’s cult classic ported to handheld?

23 Jan 2006

Rez Handheld Pseudo-Sequel On The Way? Tetsuya Mizuguchi Talks Of TGS News

The man behind Space Channel 5 and Rez has something to show us

14 Sep 2004

Mizuguchi's Handheld Rez Dream Revealed! News

Arthouse classic pseudonym re-emergence.

30 Mar 2004

Thirty games… one week… eight fingers… two thumbs… no brainer Press Release

Edinburgh International Games Festival’s 'Go Play Games' to offer visitors opportunity to enjoy hands-on experience of the best of contemporary gaming

27 Jun 2003

Rez scoops arty accolade News

UGA receives due acclaim.

20 Dec 2002

Sega resurrects the Dreamcast News


28 Oct 2002

Game Developers Conference Award Winners Revealed News

The award for best opening of an envelope goes to...

25 Mar 2002

REZ to be launched into the arcades News

Using Namco’s crazy ORBS cabinet

18 Dec 2001

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