Videogames: The Strangest Moments

The strange, the weird and the downright rude

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Videogames: The Strangest Moments
The Onion A.V. Club, much to SPOnG’s delight, has outlined its top eleven ‘strangest moments’ in videogaming. Whilst we are sure you can probably add your own personal favourites to the list, it’s worth having a look at what the Club comes up with, as you will no doubt remember a few of these classics.

SPOnG’s remembers a few of its own favourites from the Onion's chart; firstly the moment in Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1984) where the player came face to face with a low-res, 2D Adolf Hitler, and again in Wolfenstein 3D (1992) “where you went mano-a-mano against a Hitler armed with four chainguns and a robotic suit.”

Secondly, the classic (unreleased) Smoke And Mirrors (1995) which brought magicians Penn & Teller to the Sega CD and 3DO, featuring an excruciatingly realistic mini-game titled Desert Bus, which Penn describes as follows: "You were driving a bus from Tucson to Las Vegas. You had a limiter on the bus, it couldn't go more than 45 mph, it pulled a little bit to the right, so you had to keep your finger on the controller, and the trip took eight full hours. And you saw nothing."

And last, for us, but by no means least, the discovery of the classic Rez "trance vibrator", which, as The Onion reports: “Jane Pinckard of Game Girl Advance … was so impressed by the trance vibrator's rhythmic thumping that she stuck it down her pants. Well, what would you do?”

SPOnG has been looking for a pristine “trance vibrator” version of Rez to give to girlfriends for the last two years. There's sure to be one found on eBay, but that would just be plain wrong.

Head over to The Onion to see the rest of its strangest moments in videogaming chart.


realvictory 1 Jun 2006 18:00
I thought that was what the vibrator was designed for, to be honest. If they made male and female versions, that would be interesting - maybe something for the next Nintendo consol... I'd been wondering what could be the next innovation. "Playing with yourself is believing," could be the slogan.
config 2 Jun 2006 06:46
Hmm, like the Mates vibrating cock ring that's getting heavy advertising in the bloke's mags? Erm, bugger, that "for her pleasure" too. It'd have to be a knob cap - like a big eggcup thingy
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