Sex, Lies and Videogames

It IS Valentines day after all

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Sex, Lies and Videogames
Romance and videogames go together like milk and oil, or so you may assume. However, as it is Valentines Day today, SPOnG has decided to take a quick look at ‘romantic-themed’ videogames, some of which you might even own, want to play and/or buy for your better half.

Although, we’d also advise chocolates, flowers and diamonds as ‘back-up’ gifts, should any of the following suggestions fail to light his/her fire!

First up, we have EA’s Sims: Hot Date in which you have the opportunity to send your Sims on a candlelit dinner for two at the swankiest restaurant in town or a risque rendezvous in the park after dark. If you are a sad loner, this is certainly the game for you!

Next up, Sega’s Project Rub for DS, the pervy/sexy/arty touch-screen love adventure, in which your task as the player is to ensure that the female lead character falls desperately in love with the hapless boy, by performing a variety of day-saving tasks. Possibly a good one to buy the lady or gent in your life!

Sticking with the Sega theme, we cannot fail to mention the mighty Rez from the legendary Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Why? Simply because a very limited number of the original games shipped with a strange add-on/peripheral known simply as the 'Rez Trance Vibrator' (pictured below). We'll leave you to figure out the implications...

Lastly, for the elderly dirty gents in the office, is the 90s classic, Leisure Suit Larry series of games, most recently revived on the Xbox, PS2 and PC.

We could also mention Erotica Island, Singles: Flirt Up Your Life and more. Although we really shouldn't say much more about either of those titles, as they were (dirty, soiled, smelly) pants.

Let us know if we've missed out on any of your favourite 'romance' themed videogames in the forum!


Joji 15 Feb 2007 21:46
Hey, you forgot the bit about Tokimeki Memorial. Though japanese & cheese, it still counts. Lol.
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