Q Entertainment on Rez HD for PS3

Twitter page asks for potential demand.

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Q Entertainment on Rez HD for PS3
Q Entertainment, the studio lead by Space Channel 5 creator and aspiring trippy music video producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, has asked the public whether they would want to see a PlayStation Network release of Rez HD.

The cult classic is already available on Xbox Live Marketplace, but Q Entertainment's Twitter page states that it is ?researching? the possibility of a PS3 version, exploring potential price points. ?What would a game like Rez HD sell for on PSN? $15? This is no indication that it's happening, but we're researching if its feasible,? writes the studio yesterday.

It's worth noting that this isn't on the cards for definite ? Q simply appears to be ?doing some informal polling to take back to our [business development people.]" So if you want to see Rez HD on your PS3 with trophies and all of that jazz, you should get '@'ing post haste.


headcasephil 29 Jan 2010 10:55
i would buy rezhd for ps3 if it would happen i could see many people that owned a dreamcast doing the same it was a fantastic game i still play rez on dc and rezhd on 360
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