Rez Handheld Pseudo-Sequel On The Way? Tetsuya Mizuguchi Talks Of TGS

The man behind Space Channel 5 and Rez has something to show us

Posted by Staff
Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the famed creator of cult favourites Rez and Space Channel 5, is going to be at the Tokyo Game Show. If that point isn?t newsworthy in itself (which it clearly isn?t) then the fact that Mizuguchi-san will be bringing along his latest gaming project should be of considerably more interest.

The ex-Sega designer has previously expressed his enthusiasm for Sony and Nintendo?s respective handhelds, stating back in March at the Games Developer Conference that, ?Yes, I think my next game will be for the PSP or Nintendo DS?. Further weight to the suggestion that this new title will be on a handheld can be found by reading Mizuguch-san?s weblog: where he has kindly outlined his plans for TGS. His insistence that the game will always be by his side certainly suggests an element of portability (or perhaps immobility on his part); although we suppose the following translation could be open to interpretation ?You think because that it is on side of the game, when it meets, please use voice by all means.?

There have been no further hints as to what this game could be, but given his credentials, something with a hint of bemani could reasonably be expected. Although Space Channel 5 was hugely appealing, original and polished; we can?t help but hope that this next game leans towards the Rez style of things. It?s a feasible prospect: when Tetsuya Mizuguchi was asked if his next game would essentially be Rez 2 (back in March) he had responded: ?In my mind, yes. But I won?t use the Rez name because that belongs to Sega.? One thing?s for sure, whichever handheld it is that benefits from the Mizuguchi touch should be truly thankful.

The truth will be revealed in ten days. We?re beginning to get excited.


Kaxxx 14 Sep 2004 14:45
Anything by this man is welcomed. I think the style of game he produces will suit the handheld perfectly. There is a pretty good showing lined up for this TGS. Should be very interesting.
Mecha Ghandi 14 Sep 2004 14:54
I'm hoping that this is going to be on PSP rather than DS. The DS is going to have plenty of original concepts (not least Sonic Team's I Would Die For You - which looks like the sort of thing Mizuguchi SHOULD have been involved in), and just for the sake of a balanced fight, I'd love to see some truly original games coming out during the PSP's early days... this could potentially be a strong contender.

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Joji 14 Sep 2004 16:04
I'd like to see this game (whatever it may be) on both PSP and DS. Each version could have somthing different.

Problem with PSP version that you'd like to see MG, is that PSP will most likely be so saturated in PS2 style games that something different like a Rez game might be released and not bought or noticed much by gamers. This kind of thing happened with PS2 Rez, and could prove risky for to opt for just PSP.

If it's on a system that celebrates original stuff, then the DS is the prime candidate, but both versions would be welcome. It would go next to Viewtiful Joe on my shelf.

Mizuguchi is a genius, and deserves more exposure of his games.
NiktheGreek 14 Sep 2004 18:18
Let me first state that regardless of the commercial performance of the product, I love Rez. In fact, the review on my site says 10/10, an opinion I still hold now. I love the game so much that I went out of my way to get the game on DC, paying 40 for it a couple of years after launch.

With that in mind, I am practically BEGGING Mizuguchi to do what he's famed for and create something original. Usually, these complaints come when a game has been followed-up so much it's hard to remember when it began. However, I say this for a different reason - I would hope that the originality and inventive ideas of Rez don't end up shamelessly used and abused. The game needs no sequel, spiritual or otherwise. In my mind, all that a sequel would achieve is the destruction of the original's status as unique.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi is a man with the talent to make truly special games, and I'd hope that people could be as receptive to whatever project he unveils as if it were a new Rez, just so long as it's something new and cool.

For those wondering, I don't think Nights into Dreams should get a sequel either, though the character should be kept alive by all means. Along the same lines, I also believe that Crazy Taxi should have stopped at one, ditto Power Stone and I may soon be thinking the same of ICO.
Kaxxx 15 Sep 2004 06:50
Thats all good and well stating that sequels ruin the originals, well......originality. But look at Shenmue, the Shining Series, the Mana Series, Megaman, Mario etc, etc.

Its all rosey when you have a few special games in your collection that you think are unique and valuable but thats hardly a reason to kill off the potential of what could end up a classic series. I personally welcome the news.
NiktheGreek 15 Sep 2004 16:49
>Thats all good and well stating that sequels ruin
>the originals, well......originality. But look at
>Shenmue, the Shining Series, the Mana Series,
>Megaman, Mario etc, etc.

Shenmue is a story-based episodic game, it was planned for sequels before the original came out. The Shining series is cool, but RPGs were really nothing new, ditto Mana. Mario is a platformer, and there's pretty much always somewhere you can go with those. I can't see why you included Megaman in the list - the others are all so fantastic that the Megaman series sticks out like a sore thumb.

None of those games fit into the sort of "unique" bracket I favour this approach for. RPGs, platformers - they're not really anything new, and they weren't at the time. Plus, I'm not sure where you can go with Rez, to be honest. Then again, I'm not so sure how they got there in the first place. If it does happen, I'd love nothing more than for the semi-sequel to completely shatter my belief, but until then I'm sceptical.
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