Final Fantasy X - PS2

Also known as: 'Final Fantasy 10', 'Final Fantasy X HD Remaster'
Viewed: 3D Combination
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing

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Final Fantasy X HD Also Comes With Final Fantasy X-2 News

Will be separate downloads on Vita.

20 Mar 2013

X-2 more appealing than predicted as Square reneges on initial line-up News

Final Fantasy X-2 busts a million - Sequel announced

17 Mar 2003

Games of the Year - The Disappointments News

The games that didn't live up to their marketing hype.

30 Dec 2002

Rockstar stole my Joystick Press Release

Grand Theft Auto III emerges as the star of the show at today’s Golden Joystick Awards ceremony.

28 Oct 2002

And the nominees are... Press Release

The list of official nominations for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards is announced.

17 Sep 2002

Final Fantasy update News

Sales figures for Europe and FFXI situation clarified

01 Jul 2002

Two new Final Fantasy games revealed News

Yuna Version and Rikku Version announced.

29 May 2002

Final Fantasy X to come with bonus DVD! News

Interviews with voice actors!! What more could you want?

08 Apr 2002

Final Fantasy X full Euro details revealed! News

Europe to see International version in May.

18 Mar 2002

Euro RPG fans take Final knock-back News

Behold, thousands of spotty herberts are short-changed by Square.

13 Feb 2002

Square shares buoyant following FFX success News

Board sleeps at last

06 Feb 2002

More Details of Square’s not-so-Final Fantasy News

Yes, it’s R[ichard]PG time again.

05 Feb 2002

Square series still selling News

Final Fantasy X hits 4 million

31 Jan 2002

Square to ease the wait for Final Fantasy X News

Playable demo to be included in forthcoming PAL release of Anthology.

23 Jan 2002

Final Fantasy International details emerge News

Oh, to be Japanese...

14 Jan 2002

Square stock buoyant News

Tea, Mr Sakaguchi?

11 Jan 2002

Americans get Final Fantasy X early - Europe still in the dark News

Pre-Christmas launch announced

11 Dec 2001

Square fingers crossed as PlayOnline recognises the job in hand. News

Plus, Final Fantasy X figures revealed

04 Dec 2001

English version of Final Fantasy gets a date in the States! News

Some RPG gamers will spend Christmas on the streets

28 Nov 2001

Japan gets a second instalment of Final Fantasy X as Europe and America wait News

Bah! Some countries get all the luck!

12 Nov 2001

The shape of things to come from Japan News

The bi-annual charts from Japan are in. Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

19 Oct 2001

PS2 Future Looking Good News

Sony’s on the rampage.

07 Oct 2001

Final Fantasy X in Europe – Low Priority? News

Delay for Square's killer app.

28 Sep 2001

Final Fantasy X gears up for global release News

Who is at the bottom of the list?

24 Jul 2001

PlayStation 2 hard drive complaints News

An install? How can this be?!

23 Jul 2001

Final Fantasy XI new media and PlayOnline details! Give us a break! News

Everything you need to know. Except when you can play it.

20 Jul 2001

Final Fantasy X by the millisecond News

More evidence that Final Fantasy nutters are, erm, nutters!

17 Jul 2001

Final Fantasy X Japanese box art News

New box art first look!

16 Jul 2001

Square still counting the cost News

Hey Big Spender...

13 Jul 2001

Final Fantasy X goes down a storm in Japan News

No surprises here... The Japanese love FFX

13 Jul 2001

Square confirms Final Fantasy XI online details News

Square prepares FFXI online

22 Jun 2001

Spend all your cash on Final Fantasy as well as all your time! News

Everything FF related you could ever need

20 Jun 2001

Final Fantasy X to use Hard Drive? News

Fast data access for new Square game

20 Jun 2001

Square predicts massive sales of Final Fantasy X News

Square need a good run in the next few months. Take a look at how things are shaping up.

07 Jun 2001

Square Announces Product Lineup For Electronic Entertainment Expo 2001 Press Release

Highly anticipated Final Fantasy X to be unveiled at show along with preview of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

28 May 2001

Square to showcase a complete Final Fantasy X at E3 News

Final Fantasy has never looked as amazing as this before.

14 May 2001

Final Fantasy X complete and ready to go News

Lose your life again sooner than expected

28 Apr 2001

SquareSoft prepares its Final Fantasy Onslaught: Euro FFX Dated News

If you a Final Fantasy fan, Christmas has come early.

17 Apr 2001

Final Fantasy X in playable form next week! News

Lucky Japanese get their mits on Final Fantasy X

26 Mar 2001

SquareSoft AGM. Seconds out, round one! News

Shareholders make their concerns heard loud and clear...

07 Mar 2001

New juicy Final Fantasy X titbits released News

Tender morsels of new information to wet your role-playing appetite.

30 Jan 2001

Final Fantasy X on PlayStation 2 News

New details concerning Square's forthcoming blockbuster Final Fantasy X

17 Jan 2001

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