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Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the acknowledged worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment. To date, Nintendo has sold more than one billion video games worldwide, created such industry icons as Mario and Donkey Kong and launched franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and software for its popular home video game systems, including NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, GameCube and Game Boy - the world's best-selling video game system.

As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Washington, serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere, where more than 40 percent of American households own a Nintendo game system.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Nintendo's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1980 title, "Radarscope" (Arcade).

The company has been involved titles released on the Switch, 3DS/2DS, New 3DS, Wii U, Wii, DS/DSi, GameCube, GBA, Game Boy Color, Arcade, N64, Game Boy, Nintendo Virtual Boy, SNES, CDi, NES, C64 and Spectrum 48K. Of these, "Wii Play" (Wii), "Big Brain Academy" (Wii), "Mario Kart DS" (DS/DSi), "New Super Mario Bros." (DS/DSi), "Nintendogs" (DS/DSi) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2020 release "Xenoblade Chronicles" (Switch).

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Play levels designed by others or create your own in Super Mario Maker for Wii U

16 Jun 2015


Nintendo eShop for Wii U promotion includes 15 percent off purchase of full games

15 Jun 2015


amiibo cards, new Super Smash Bros. characters, Mario Kart 8 in 200cc and an Animal Crossing spin-off game, among the numerous announcements in today’s Nintendo Direct

01 Apr 2015

Nintendo and DeNA Form Business and Capital Alliance

Companies to develop new game apps featuring Nintendo IP for smart devices and a new multi-device membership service

17 Mar 2015


Nintendo UK invites thirty-two Super Smash Bros. for Wii U community players to battle it out in the Super Smash Bros. Invitational tournament streaming live on Twitch

16 Mar 2015


Avalanche of new releases include New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Monster Hunter™ 4 Ultimate, plus more!

09 Feb 2015

New Wii U System Update Adds Gamepad Quick Start Feature

Nintendo has today announced a new system update is now available for Wii U, introducing changes that enhance the user experience.

03 Jun 2014

Have The Chance To Sample Island Life in The Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version, Bundled in Every Full Version Of Tomodachi Life

Two free download codes for the Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version are included in each full game, allowing two players to try out the surprising gameplay on their Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems and unlock a panda suit

21 May 2014


Nintendo announces new characters, launch windows, online functionality and new “Smash Run” mode

09 Apr 2014

Mario and Friends Set To Make Happy Meals Super in 2014

Nintendo UK team up with McDonald’s in the Run, Jump and Power-Up with Super Mario promotion

12 Mar 2014

Get Into Pole Position For Mario Kart 8 On Wii U with The Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Software Bundle

Keep your tyres warm in advance of the 30th May 2014 launch of Mario Kart 8 with the Super Mario Kart promotion on Nintendo eShop – starting 27th March 2014

06 Mar 2014

Nintendo Selects Line-Up For Wii To Expand On 18Th October

Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Donkey Kong Country Returns & PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure all to be added to Nintendo Selects range!

12 Sep 2013

Shoot For Glory When Inazuma Eleven 3 Launches On Nintendo 3DS On 27Th September

Inazuma Eleven 3: Lightning Bolt & Inazuma Eleven 3: Bomb Blast sees Mark Evans and teammates take on the world!

18 Jul 2013

Nintendo To Be Unleashed in Manchester

The Nintendo Unleashed tour hits MCM Manchester Comic Con 20th July 2013

16 Jul 2013

Nintendo Signs Deal with O2 For Free Wireless Internet Access Through O2 Wi-Fi

Nintendo 3DS owners will now be able to access free Wi-Fi through O2 hotspots throughout the UK

05 Jun 2013

SEGA and Nintendo Enter Exclusive Partnership for Sonic the Hedgehog

SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America Inc. today announced details of an exclusive partnership with Nintendo of Europe GmbH and Nintendo of America Inc. for the Sonic the Hedgehog™ franchise.

17 May 2013

Discover How Chase Mccain Went From Rookie To Super-Cop in LEGO® City Undercover: The Chase Begins On Nintendo 3DS

Special unlock codes for new costumes and vehicles to be released on Nintendo social media channels post-launch!

04 Apr 2013

New Hardware Bundles For Nintendo 3Ds XL and Wii U Due Out in Coming Months

Monster Hunter™ 3 Ultimate and Fire Emblem: Awakening hardware bundles bound for Europe

14 Feb 2013

Sniper Elite V2 Brings World War II Stealth Action To Wii U

Experience the sniping genre's elite with better interactivity than ever before

05 Feb 2013

Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique For Nintendo 3DS Launching On 16th November Across Europe

Test your fashion sense, manage your own boutique and take the fashion world by storm

17 Oct 2012

Winner Of The Nintendo and Bfi Competition A Vision in 3D Announced

Nintendo 3ds Xl And The Bfi - Present A Vision In 3d - Winner Of The Nintendo And Bfi Competition - A Vision In 3d Announced – Short 3d Film To Screen - Before The Nintendo Gala Premiere At The 56th Bfi London Film Festival!

02 Oct 2012

Nintendo Announces Wii U Showcase Tour

Thousands of Nintendo fans in the UK to get exclusive first look at Nintendo’s next generation console

14 Sep 2012

Purchase Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2 Early To Take Part in Genesect Distribution

Mythical Pokémon to be Available for a Limited Time Only

11 Sep 2012

Limited-Time Distribution of the Colt Pokémon Keldeo at GAME Stores Nationwide

Beginning 1st September at GAME stores, Pokémon fans can receive the newly discovered Mythical Pokémon Keldeo in their copies of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version.

31 Aug 2012

Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask Takes The Series To Nintendo 3Ds From 26Th October

Solve a mystery with Professor Layton for the first time in 3D as a new storyline unfolds in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

30 Aug 2012

25 years of METAL GEAR: celebrations continue

New website launched to cover special METAL GEAR anniversary events

10 Aug 2012

New Nintendo 3Ds Xl Console Arrives Tomorrow!

The biggest screen ever on a Nintendo handheld console enters Europe on July 28th alongside New Art Academy & Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive!

27 Jul 2012

Back by popular demand! Kid Icarus: Uprising Battle Squad hits GAME

Defeat the Battle Squad’s Pro-Gamer for a chance to qualify for the Grand Final

07 Jun 2012

Nintendo’s Wii U Ushers in New Age Of Video Games with Integrated Second-Screen Experience

The Biggest Names in Video Games Bringing Their Best Franchises to Wii U; Company Provides Details about Social and Broader Entertainment Strategies with Miiverse and Partnerships

06 Jun 2012

Wii U Console Details Revealed in Nintendo Direct Video

Nintendo released a global Nintendo Direct video revealing new information about the upcoming Wii U game console, including details about the system’s touch-screen controller, the Wii U GamePad.

04 Jun 2012

New prices for Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL Make them Even Better Values

Effective May 20, the suggested retail price for the larger Nintendo DSi XL will be $129.99 and the suggested retail price for Nintendo DSi will be $99.99.

11 May 2012

Dare To Revisit One Of The Scariest Games Of All Time?

Are you brave enough to explore the cursed village of Project Zero 2 Wii Edition, set to launch across Europe on 29th June

26 Apr 2012

Nintendo and Aardman Release Behind-The-Scenes Making Of Video

Find out how the Shaun the Sheep 3D episodes were created in exclusive new footage released today!

25 Apr 2012

Stay Connected with Nintendo Zone – Even On The Go

Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to stay connected even when they are on the go through Nintendo Zone, launching today across Europe

25 Apr 2012

Official Nintendo UK Customer Support Centre Offers Help, Advice and Peace of Mind for Nintendo Product Owners

New, comprehensive online service offers fast, efficient and accessible repairs and information

23 Apr 2012

Horror Comes to Life Before Your Eyes in Full 3D

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, an innovative new horror experience is available across Europe on 29th June, only on Nintendo 3DS

13 Apr 2012

The Return Of The Legend Of Zelda and Super Street Fighter Ii: The New Challengers Make It A Truly Classic Week

A blockbusting week of Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS and Wii fans to enjoy!

10 Apr 2012

Get Snap Happy with The Nintendo 3Ds Camera and Become An Award-Winning Photographer

Nintendo has teamed up with National Geographic Kids and The Royal Photographic Society to launch a UK-wide Nintendo 3DS photography competition

02 Apr 2012

On Your Marks, Get Set, Puzzle...

SpeedThru: Potzol’s Puzzle™ and other downloadable delights launch this week on Nintendo 3DS and Wii

02 Apr 2012

Nintendo and Sega Join Forces To Launch Rhythm Thief™ & The Emperor’s Treasure Across Europe

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure combines a thrilling twist-filled adventure, with rhythm-based challenges utilising the unique functions of the Nintendo 3DS to the fullest

22 Feb 2012

Break The Curse – Change Her Fate

Nintendo announces the upcoming release of Pandora’s Tower, the newest epic action RPG on Wii

14 Feb 2012

Prepare For The Arrival Of The Last Story Exclusively On Wii

Ahead of the much anticipated European launch of The Last Story on 24th February fans can check out a new website, Iwata Asks interview and videos!

06 Feb 2012

Get Online with Your Nintendo 3DS Today with Free-Hotspot.Com

Access over 5,000 European Wi-Fi Hotspots across 21 countries for free via your Nintendo 3DS

01 Feb 2012

New Story and Single-Player Mode Details Revealed For Kid Icarus™: Uprising

Over 25 years after the launch of the original Kid Icarus, Kid Icarus: Uprising comes to Nintendo 3DS on March 23rd

25 Jan 2012

Connecting Your Nintendo 3Ds To The Internet Has Never Been Easier

Nintendo Provides free Wi-Fi on your Nintendo 3DS at the UK’s major airports through an agreement with Boingo Wireless

23 Jan 2012

Nintendo Partners with Eurosport To Release 3D Video Content

3D sports videos from Eurosport to be released weekly, for Nintendo 3DS owners via SpotPass

15 Dec 2011

Record Your Precious Moments When 3D Video Recording Comes To Nintendo 3DS

Latest Nintendo 3DS System Update delivers a range of new features and enhancements

07 Dec 2011

Are You Ready For The Revelations Ahead?

Find out when Resident Evil: Revelations & the Circle Pad Pro accessory launches for Nintendo 3DS

30 Nov 2011

New Wii Bundle Announced with Black Wii, Black Wii Wheel and Mario Kart

Nintendo UK launches new racing bundle with newly configured Wii on 18th November 2011

14 Nov 2011

Nintendo To Release Unique 3D Video Content Courtesy Of Red Bull Media House

3D video content from Red Bull Media House to be released, starting today for Nintendo 3DS™ owners via Nintendo Video™

28 Oct 2011

Nintendo Celebrates The 25Th Anniversary Of The Legend Of Zelda

2011 is the year of The Legend of Zelda with Nintendo celebrating 25 years since the beginning of the critically-acclaimed franchise

22 Sep 2011

Classic Zelda and Mario Games Available At Crowd-Pleasing Prices

Nintendo Selects The Legend of Zelda™: Twilight Princess & Super Mario Galaxy for Wii

17 Aug 2011

Nintendo Announces Packed 2011 Line-Up Of Upcoming Games

Link is once again tasked with rescuing Zelda on November 18th in the eagerly anticipated European debut of The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword on Wii.

17 Aug 2011

Scout and Battle Your Way To Supremacy

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 comes to Europe on 7th October 2011

27 Jul 2011

Build The Ultimate Football Team & Stand United Against Challenges That Await On and Off The Pitch!

Football & RPG meet to provide the perfect combination of action & strategy as Nintendo announces Inazuma Eleven launch details for UK and Ireland

26 Jul 2011

Xenoblade Chronicles Set To Be Released Two Weeks Early

Nintendo announce that critically acclaimed action RPG Xenoblade Chronicles will be released on 19th August

08 Jul 2011

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident

Play solo or team up with friends to play this hidden object adventure game for Wii

23 Jun 2011

What LINKS a Hollywood legend and his daughter to one of the greatest video game franchises of all time?

Top Hollywood legend Robin Williams shares his passion for The Legend of Zelda games

15 Jun 2011

Nintendo’s Upcoming Wii U Console Features Controller with 6.2-Inch Screen

Nintendo 3DS Continues its Evolution with Mario Kart, Super Mario and the Nintendo eShop as Nintendo Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda

07 Jun 2011

June 7 Nintendo 3Ds System Update Adds Internet Browser, Online Store and Pokédex 3D

Nintendo Offers Free Re-mastered 3D Version of NES Classic Excitebike for Limited Time

02 Jun 2011


Glasses-Free 3D Gaming System Comes Packed with Features

19 Jan 2011

A New World Awaits At A Remodeled Nintendo World Store in New York

The Nintendo World store in New York has reopened its doors to the public after a brief remodeling.

02 Nov 2010

Nintendo's Professor Layton and The Unwound Future Now Launching Sept. 12

The future will arrive sooner than expected for fans of LEVEL-5's acclaimed Professor Layton video game series.

14 Jul 2010

Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version For Nintendo Ds Coming To Europe and North America in Spring 2011

New Legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom Grace Covers of All-New Releases

28 May 2010

Hyperkin Makes Wiitm Pop! Sound Plus Delivers Added Realism To Nintendo Wii with Built-In Sound Simulation

Patent Pending Peripheral Allows Gamers to Feel and HEAR Every Swing of the Wii Baseball Bat, Tennis Racket or Golf Club

01 Mar 2010

Puzzles, Monkey Fun, Taking To The Skies, Interactive Books and Much More To Download This Week!

The Wii Shop Channel is jam packed with new WiiWare games this week.

19 Feb 2010

Alien After All and Neko Entertainment Introduce Dodogo!

Coming this Spring to Nintendo DSi Ware

12 Feb 2010

Classic Arcade Frogger Returns, Super Sonic, Golfing Madness and Much More Available To Download This Week

Get ready to go head-to-head with futuristic weapons and machines in Overturn Mecha Wars

12 Feb 2010

Sniper Elite Takes Aim On Nintendo Wii

Sniper Elite, the world’s best selling ‘Action/Adventure Sniper Simulator’ is being brought to the Nintendo Wii by UK publisher Reef Entertainment.

12 Feb 2010

Thq Springs Into Action with The Announcement Of All Star Karate, Currently in Development Exclusively For Wii

Latest Title in All Star Franchise Becomes First Video Game on Wii to Integrate Karate-Based Play

09 Feb 2010

Prepare For The Hunt: Monster Hunter Tri Thunders Onto Wii

European debut for Japanese phenomenon on Wii will be fully Wii Speak compatible

01 Feb 2010

Rytmik For Nintendo Dsi – Pocket Music Station

Rytmik is an application for creating rhythmical and melodic themes and for composing whole songs

29 Jan 2010

Save The World From Cannoids, Defeat Evil Demons and Much More Available To Download This Week

Hoards of evil aliens are attacking Earth and it’s up to you to defend the planet in the eagerly awaited 530 Eco Shooter available to download.

29 Jan 2010

Excitebike World Challenge Brings Engine-Revving, Stunt-Driving Fun To Wiiware

Pull a wheelie, face daredevil jumps and go up against other crazy racers in the newest instalment of the legendary Excitebike series

28 Jan 2010

Kung Fu Funk To Get Everyone Kung Fu Fighting and Dancing On The Wii

WiiWare Party Game Coming to Nintendo Console in the Near Future

25 Jan 2010

Stopping Those Aliens & Cleaning Up The Planet is Firmly in Your Sights This Week

Nintendo of Europe announces 530 Eco Shooter is available to download via the Wii Shop Channel this Friday for 1000 Wii Points!

25 Jan 2010

Magical Markers, Fast Draw Action, Mesmerising Electroplankton and Much More To Download

Let your imagination come to life in the eagerly awaited Max & the Magic Marker

22 Jan 2010

Nintendo Launches New Nintendo Dsi Pink Bundle For Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique

Pink Nintendo DSi and one of the most fashionable games in town, Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique, exclusively bundled together this February.

21 Jan 2010

Nintendo Swings Into Spring with Exciting New Hardware & Games For Nintendo Ds and Wi

Big screens of new Nintendo DSi XL and new Pokémon games feature in latest line-up

21 Jan 2010

Pick Up A Picross in 3D!

The mind-bending logic puzzler is back for more, as Picross 3D launches across Europe

20 Jan 2010

Nintendo and Target Help People Keep Their New Year's Resolutions with Wii Fit Plus

On weekends from Jan. 16-31, shoppers who visit select Target stores nationwide will encounter the Wii Fit Plus Experience in the parking lot

14 Jan 2010

European Launch Date Of Nintendo Dsi Xl Confirmed

Get ready to experience your favourite Nintendo DS games like never before..

14 Jan 2010

Nintendo Finishes 2009 with Multiple Sales Records

Wii Has the Best Month in Video Game History, Nintendo DS Has the Best Calendar Year of All Time

14 Jan 2010


Download Flipnote Studio for free on Nintendo DSiWare and start sharing your cartoon creations

11 Aug 2009

Help Professor Layton Unlock The Mystery Of Pandora’s Box

Exciting New Adventure, Brain Teasers, Riddles And Puzzles

15 Jul 2009


Nintendo reaffirms commitment to the Edinburgh Interactive Festival

11 Mar 2009

City Interactive USA Inc. Signs Publishing Agreement with Nintendo

Branching into developing and publishing for Nintendo platforms marks an exciting new chapter for City Interactive

23 Jan 2009

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Take a moment to relax

15 Jul 2008

Wii Music

Does what it says on the tin

15 Jul 2008

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports gets a sequel

15 Jul 2008

Opening New Doors For Developers On Wii!

WiiWare Arrives In Europe

13 May 2008

Be Amongst The First in The World To Play ‘Mario Kart Wii’ at a Game Store Near You!

Get racing in the ‘Mario Kart Grand Wii’ tournament for your chance to win great prizes including your very own Mario Kart VW Beetle Convertible

25 Mar 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Smashes Nintendo Sales Records

Wii Game Sells at a Rate of More than 120 per Minute

17 Mar 2008

Pioneering Computer Games in School Project to be Extended

A GROUNDBREAKING study looking at the impact of a brain training computer game on learning is to be extended across Scotland.

14 Mar 2008

Metroid Prime 3: Corruptive Factsheet

A step behind the visor

11 Jul 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Factsheet

Mario takes on the final frontier

11 Jul 2007

Nintendo's Wiiware Paves The Way For Fresh Games

Nintendo's WiiWare Paves The Way For Fresh Games, Cool Consumer Experiences Nintendo Sets a New Paradigm: One Game Can Still Make a Difference

27 Jun 2007

MCV Industry Excellence Awards 2007: Finalists Announced

Shortlist for the games industry's most celebrated awards event is revealed

02 Mar 2007

Tilt and Turn Your Favourite Ball To Victory!

Experience Maze Madness As Kororinpa Launches Across Europe On Wii

22 Jan 2007

Agetec Announces Brain Buster Puzzle Pak For Nintendo DS

Expand Your Mind Power With Five Addictive Games, Including North American Newcomers Slitherlink & Kakuro

08 Nov 2006

Outfox Your Foes in the Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse!

Star Fox Command launches on the Nintendo DS across Europe.

02 Nov 2006

Nintendo appoints ND Videogames as official distributor in Russia

Russian launch event this Friday.

29 Sep 2006

Nintendo Deals a Royal Flush With 42 All-Time Classics That all the Family Can Enjoy!

With 42 games on offer there is something to keep even the most dedicated players busy for months.

27 Jul 2006

The Past Comes Alive as Sega Supports Nintendo Revolution’s Virtual Console

SEGA MEGA DRIVE titles to be made available for download!

23 Mar 2006

Nintendo News: Redesigned Nintendo DS Announced

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata today announced Nintendo DS Lite, a slimmer version of the best-selling Nintendo DS.

26 Jan 2006

Experience Tranquility, Harmony and Creativity All in The Palm of Your Hand

Electroplankton comes to the Nintendo DS.

24 Jan 2006

Return to the Wonderful World of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Wild World launches on the Nintendo DS.

24 Jan 2006

Train Your Brain with The Latest Phenomenum From Japan

Join over a million people training their brains with Prof. Kawashima’s Brain Training on Nintendo DS.

24 Jan 2006

Nintendo DS hits 1 million sales in the UK

Nintendo’s dual screen handheld reaches UK sales landmark.

20 Jan 2006

Nintendo Europe Takes The New Year By Storm With Outstanding Hand-Held Success

3.5 million Nintendo DS units sold across Europe.

05 Jan 2006

He Shoots, He Scores! This Year Only One Italian Star Will Dominate The Beautiful Game

Mario Smash Football launches on the Nintendo GameCube.

16 Nov 2005

Man’s Best Friend Gets Given a Digital Makeover!

A “nintendog” can be your dog.

29 Jul 2005

MCV Industry Excellence Awards 2005 Winners Announced

Individuals within the UK computer and video games industry recognised for excellence.

08 Apr 2005

Nintendo announces Street Racing Syndicate

Burn rubber with Namco’s SRS – Street Racing Syndicate when it launches in Europe on Nintendo GameCube.

08 Feb 2005

Hamsters are the Real Gold Medal Winners

Join the Ham-Ham team and be a hamster hero!

02 Jul 2004

Miyamoto enters ‘Golden Halls’

Mario creator becomes the first entrant to the Computer and Video Games Golden Joystick Hall of Fame at today’s awards ceremony.

28 Nov 2003

The Golden short-list

The final short-list of nominees is announced for the Computer and Video Games Golden Joystick Awards 2003.

24 Oct 2003

Debut success for Edinburgh Games Festival

First ever Edinburgh International Games Festival proves an instant success, with both industry and public events over-subscribed.

21 Aug 2003

Mayor of London Backs London Games Week

Ken Livingstone praises the games industry

01 Aug 2003

One million Game Boy Advance SPs shipped across Europe

More colours on the way

09 Jul 2003

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell to be used for a playable Nintendo GameCube demo

Sam Fisher infiltrates the Cube this Friday.

04 Jun 2003

Metal Gear Solid explodes onto Nintendo GameCube

Konami and Nintendo collaborate to deliver blockbuster action title to Nintendo GameCube.

01 May 2003

Video games market growing faster than ever before

More people buying more games

11 Mar 2003

Nintendo announces the launch of Game Boy Advance SP

Nintendo today unveils the latest incarnation of the Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy Advance SP.

06 Feb 2003

Nintendo 2003

After an impressive 2002, Nintendo turn up the heat in 2003.

28 Jan 2003

Samus is Back!

March 21, 2003... a true gaming legend returns!

24 Jan 2003

Pokemon Evolves onto Game Boy Advance

Nintendo announces Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire games - as the legendary series advances onto the fastest selling console.

15 Jul 2002

3DO To Become Nintendo GameCube Publisher

Popular brands are joined by new, original franchises.

10 May 2002

Nintendo sets new price for launch of Nintendo Gamecube on May 3

At this price, I'll have a dozen.

22 Apr 2002

Nintendo’s Cube Clubs Hits The Uk

Be one of the first to play a GameCube!

21 Mar 2002

New backlit Game Boy Advance model soon?

We shed a little light on the future of the GBA.

25 Feb 2002

Barbican Gallery Announces the first major UK Exhibition to Explore the History, Culture and Future of Computer Games.

Barbican is proud to announce Game On, the first major UK exhibition to explore the 40-year history of computer gaming (1962-2002 and beyond).

23 Nov 2001

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Revs Up For Next-Gen

Boredom will be left in the dust when players get their hands on F-ZERO : Maximum Velocity for Game Boy Advance.

18 May 2001

Nintendo Game Cube Haunted By Ghost Of Spirited New Game

Help Mario's younger brother survive his haunted house in Luigi's Mansion, exclusively on the next-generation console.

18 May 2001

Double Your Mario Fun with Super Mario Advance

Lights, Camera, Prepare for Action as Mario Makes His Game Boy Advance Debut at E3.

16 May 2001

Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance To Reinvent Video Gameplay For 21st Century

NINTENDO GAMECUBE Delivers Exclusive, Innovative Gameplay and Ease of Development on November 5, 2001.

16 May 2001

Nintendo Puts A Playful Twist On Strategy Games with The Innovative Pikmin

Destined for Superstar Status, New NINTENDO GAMECUBE Title Engages Players in Clever, Massive Storyline Unlike Any Other.

16 May 2001

Nintendo Unveils New Jewel with Pokémon Crystal

New Pokémon Game Lets Players Choose a Female Character for the First Time and Enjoy New Animated Battle Sequences.

16 May 2001

Nintendo's Advance Team Offers First Look At New Game Boy Advance At E3

First "Human Interactives" Demonstrate Nintendo's Next-Generation Handheld Video Game System.

16 May 2001

Portable Video Gameplay Advances At E3 with American Debut Of Game Boy Advance

New Handheld System Arrives in U.S. on June 11 with Slate of 17 Titles, Further Expanding Nintendo's Dominance in Portable Game Market.

16 May 2001

Surprise Classics and Familiar Favorites Unite In Super Smash Bros. Melee

Feel-Good Fun Fest for NINTENDO GAMECUBE Clashes, Bashes and Smashes Its Way to Becoming the Ultimate Multi-Player Battle Bonanza.

16 May 2001

Famed Nintendo Hero Returns In Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet

Epic NINTENDO GAMECUBE Launch Title Charts the Continuing Exploits of Fox McCloud.

15 May 2001

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Forget The Sound of Music or Back to the Future, this year's Xmas blockbuster is coming from Nintendo.

28 Nov 2000

Mario Starts Hitting The White Lines

Italian plumbers slips into his jockstrap and heads onto court.

31 Oct 2000

Don't Forget The Asti Spumanti.

Mario's throwing another party and everyone is invited.

13 Oct 2000

Hey Kid, Fancy Shooting Some Pinball?

Pokemon kids head down to the Milk Bar for some pinball action.

29 Sep 2000

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! : The Pokémon Championship 2000

The Pokémon Championship 2000 will begin in July and by September, the UK will have its first ever Pokémon Master.

28 Jul 2000

Pokemon Yellow

Special Pikachu Edition. This time it's you and Pikachu against the world.

28 Jun 2000

Thank You Rare For The World's Greatest Video Game.

Shout it from the rooftops. The best video game ever - is here. (source: Nintendo Press Office 2000). Dust off your N64 - and plug in Perfect Dark.

19 Jun 2000

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