Don't Forget The Asti Spumanti.

Mario's throwing another party and everyone is invited.

Posted by Staff
Mario's back. He's smoothing down his 'tache, brushing off the dandruff and polishing his spanners in preparation for the welcome return of the exceptionally popular Mario Party range. This one's called Mario Party 2.

Mario Party 2, available on the N64, is a simply magnificent game. Six characters are selectable including the favourite icons Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong and many more additional characters appear during the game. With six adventure boards, each featuring a unique theme like Western, Pirate or Space Board, visit each land and find your favourite. As demanding as ever, but once the game is successfully finished and the evil Bowser is defeated, a special level will be accessible! There's a four player mode, simultaneously or there's a special Quest Mode for players who prefer playing all by themselves.

A brand new feature found in Mario Party 2 is the use of Special Items that can be found throughout the game from Skeleton Keys to Duelling Gloves and Magic Lamps. They all have their benefits, but you may only have one at a time.

There's a load of cheeky new mini-games thrown in too, adding to more than 64 in total! Action packed, the games present brand new challenges and some are updated versions of the best mini-games from the first Mario Party.

Depending on where you land or if you get challenged by a coin-thirsty opponent, you will find yourself in either a one, two, or four player mini-game. Land on a battle space and everybody gets ready for action. Put your money in the pot and take a stab at winning the whole thing or make a temporary truce in a cooperative challenge and split the winnings with your partner!

Mario Party 2 is available on the Nintendo 64 from October 13th, 2000.