Return to the Wonderful World of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Wild World launches on the Nintendo DS.

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Return to the Wonderful World of Animal Crossing
24 January 2006 – Pack your bags and experience the enchanting sights and sounds of Animal Crossing once again. Previously launched to mass acclaim on the Nintendo GameCube, players can now take their town with them wherever they go thanks to the ultra-portable Nintendo DS and Nintendo’s newly launched Wi-Fi connection service. Having achieved sales of over 1 million copies in the short time since its launch in Japan, people all across the world will be living joyful and exciting second lives in their very own world when Animal Crossing: Wild World launches across Europe from 31st March 2006, exclusively on the Nintendo DS.

Animal Crossing: Wild World sees players take control of the central character of the game; as they explore their new town. Daily routines are made up of making friends with their animal neighbours, earning money to upgrade their home, buying items such as paintings, toasters and plants and finding and collecting hundreds of different objects, from furniture to fossils, and much more along the way. Animal Crossing offers a unique experience, rather than setting linear tasks, so players are given a free run of the world and allowed to set their own objectives. Nintendo DS’s unique features, such as the touch screen, allow players to hand write letters, design complex patterns for their clothes and much more not possible the previous version.

One of the key features of Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS is the multiplayer gameplay. Players can travel to friends’ towns via the Wireless Multi Card Play or the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Both modes provide the opportunity to meet new characters and exchange rare items. Building friendships while visiting can entice a creature to move to the player’s town.

These two multiplayer modes give players the flexibility to choose how and with whom they play Animal Crossing: Wild World. Wireless Multi Card Play mode allows players to visit other people’s towns without the need for friend codes or the internet, however, invited players must be near by. For longer distances, gaming friend codes can be traded allowing friends to connect using Nintendo’s Wi-Fi connection and play others from anywhere in the world. Nintendo Wi-Fi connection can be accessed either in the comfort of your own home using your existing Wi-Fi broadband; or in the High Street either at Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Access Points in store or at Nintendo Wi-Fi connection enabled public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Set in real time using the Nintendo DS’s internal clock, Animal Crossing: Wild World co-exists with the real world in relation to days and nights. Players can enjoy and participate within in-game Animal Crossing events such as the flea market where players can sell and buy second hand items. They can also participate in special events organised by fellow villagers, such as a fishing tournament, which takes place on certain Sundays throughout the year. From bug races to treasure hunts, Animal Crossing: Wild World is a game players can enjoy all year round with something new to experience every day.

The town in Animal Crossing evolves with time. At the beginning of the game approximately four animals will live alongside the player. This number increases as the player helps the animals run chores and write letters, hence making more friends. There is always someone new to meet with over 200 different animals in the game. Ranging from dogs and cats to hippopotami and kangaroos, each of the characters has their own individual personality and way of speaking. Players can not only interact with their fellow residents as they go about their everyday lives, but can also socialise while participating in activities like getting their hair cut, visiting the flea market or even catching bees!

In addition, several travelling animals visit the town on special days to sell rare items or perform activities, such as fortune telling. Familiar faces making a welcome return from the Nintendo GameCube include K.K Slider, the guitar-playing dog who performs a concert every Saturday night in the museum’s coffee lounge, and Tom Nook, the local store-owner who is also the players’ landlord.

Animal Crossing: Wild World is unleashed across Europe on the Nintendo DS from 31st March 2006 for the estimated retail price of around £29.99.

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