Nintendo Unveils New Jewel with Pokémon Crystal

New Pokémon Game Lets Players Choose a Female Character for the First Time and Enjoy New Animated Battle Sequences.

Posted by Staff
LOS ANGELES, May 16, 2001 - The latest gem in the Pokémon world is about to be revealed with the July 30 launch of Pokémon Crystal for Game Boy Color. Pokémon Crystal is a special edition of Pokémon Gold and Silver, the two biggest-selling video game titles in 2000, offering numerous enhancements and new game-playing options, making Pokémon more exciting and intriguing than ever before.

The most significant change in Pokémon Crystal is the addition of a new female trainer, serving as the counterpart to the popular Ash. For the first time in Pokémon history, players will have the option of being a female main character in the Pokémon world. This new female trainer provides players with uniquely drawn maps and menus, as well as a different backpack containing her special gear.

"Pokémon Crystal is an extraordinary addition to the Pokémon lineup, which has evolved from a pop culture phenomenon into a stable and enduring entertainment franchise," says Gail Tilden, Nintendo's vice president, responsible for overseeing the Pokémon brand. "The release of every new Pokémon game becomes a landmark event for our players, and we expect Pokémon Crystal to become a priceless commodity among the legion of North American Poké-fans."

Pokémon Crystal makes it easy to learn about characters and traverse the title's many worlds. To build players' knowledge about the characters, the all-new Pokédex contains exciting graphics and never-before-revealed information. The Pokédex can be sorted by number, evolution type or alphabetically. For easier navigation, a wooden-like sign will pop up at the bottom of the screen whenever a player changes routes or enters a city, telling the trainer where he or she is. The game also features improved graphics and battle sequences in which the Pokémon are animated to better illustrate the attack and create more dynamic action.

Pokémon Crystal also delves deeper into the mystery of the Unown. The millions of Pokémon fans who saw "Pokémon 3 The Movie" when it opened in North America on April 6 will be familiar with the story surrounding the Unown, and Pokémon Crystal will reward their interest by taking the mystery to the next level. The Unown puzzles also have been updated for a greater degree of excitement.

With Pokémon Crystal, players can swap the original 150 Pokémon characters between the Pokémon Gold, Silver, Red, Blue and Yellow versions in order to obtain the ultimate title - Pokémon Master. Highly experienced Pokémon also can be transferred into the Pokémon Stadium 2 arena for more battle action.

Pokémon Crystal supports the Game Link Cable, Infrared Port and N64 Transfer Pak?. It also is compatible with Game Boy Advance.

Developed by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures, and published by Nintendo of America Inc., Pokémon Crystal will debut in North America on July 30, 2001, with an MSRP of $34.95.